How to response PAX wants us to drive faster?

You can try the following:

Sorry, I wish I could.
Uber is tracking our speed, they will deactivate me if I speed.
If I go more then 5 above speed limit an alarm is triggered on their server.

BTW this would be a perfect example for not leaving a 5 star to a passenger
especially if they push the issue.

The art of bull****… This uber driver app is aware of my speed and other maneuvers and they are sent to uber headquarters and anything i do illegally can cost me my job.

Good idea! I gave the rider 3 stars. She was a B.

Asked me if I was lost when I was on a major road, taking the most direct route. Said she’d never been that way. Maybe if she lifted her head up from her phone she would recognize the city she lives in!

that could have been an easy one star for me

i had one passenger just like that
was running 40 in a 30 road, thats right… coz i know shes going to the airport
but man was i surprised when she told me
“can u go faster coz im late!”
i was like heck no your $10 dollars fare wont be enough to cover for my ticket
lol i wish would have said that
but i told her “sorry im already 10mph above speed limit, and receiving a ticket is not worthit…”

True story…

Me - stopped at a light

Pax… You could’ve went through the light.
Me… Not when the cop behind me.
Pax actually turns around to look behind us.
Pax… I was only kidding, man.

Pax: Come on man, you could have made that light.
Me: Not in a Prius with passengers in it, the ticket isn’t worth it.
Pax: Gave me a low rating, I gave him a low rating. I had half a mind to tell him how inconsiderate it was to ask me to risk a ticket, in an area that’s full of cops.

I’ve completely given up on trying to satisfy riders. I’ll pick you up, take you to your destination, have a great day! You can request anything you want, but you won’t get it (unless you insist I take a different route). After all, this is my vehicle, and those that completely disregard that fact are given a low rating.

Yesterday I picked up a couple ($8 fare - I knew this because once I hit the “Arrived” button, their route automatically populated) and noticed that they were both covered in cat/dog hair. I very nicely asked them to get as much of the hair off of their clothes as possible (I cited allergies as the reason, when in reality I don’t want filth in my car - and no, I don’t suffer from allergies).

Can you actually “cancel” a ride after it has been started ? (meaning no charge and no rating). Or are you referring to asking them to exit the car, stopping the ride by tapping arrived to destination, and thus most likely being subject to a 1-star rating ?

No, you can’t cancel a trip in progress. And unless you had a legitimate safety reason to end the ride, you could expect Uber to snatch back any fare you earned along with the one-star rating you just got.

I know I can’t/shouldn’t drive recklessly while Ubering (or driving period), but part of me would love to be told “get me there as fast as you can” and just rip through the city like Steve McQueen in Bullitt.

Had this request, it was a airport close call. Outside of school zones and by the airport (gotten that dirty ticket before), we were hammer down. (Which in the Prius means pretty well never more than 10 over). We made it.

Every time I see a Prius going up a hill, I keep hearing a little voice in my head saying "I think I can… I think I can…and then I blow past them

I had some bimbo tell me “I’mkind of in a hurry” halfway through a 5 minute ride


5 minutes is too long to get somewhere.

1 starred that asss

I pick up a regular going to youngens school to meets for lunch. He’s running late so I do those things like getting in that left turns only lane to get ahead of traffics at the light and whens I got those two lanes I use my turbo vehicle to benefit my regular to get ahead of them cars ahead. Its all about that service.

I properly maintain my vehicle and follow the manual but I did what’s right by him. Umm Hmm. 5 stars from friend every time. He’s a good man

In the 80s Cabbies were given the urgent blood parcels to deliver to hospitals if their own vehicles were out. Sometimes It was a case where the patient was on the table. I was pulled over once by a cop, just handed over the cooler full of blood and told him “its your job to save people, there’s a guy on a table waiting for this, you’ll get there faster.” Off he went I dodged a ticket.

I had someone tell me not to get on the expressway and would tell me where to go. 3/4 of the way there, she says “can you go any faster, I’m in a hurry”. They had just milled the road in preparation for new asphalt, and I was going slow as to a smoother ride. I sped up and hit every damn bump there was. We would’ve made it there a lot faster if I had got on the highway. 1 starred her ass when we got to where she was going.

Depends. If I’m going easy on the freeway and traffic allows, I’ll oblige. (This happened one time, first fare of the day, about a 50 mile distance and the guy was slightly time-pressed where 5-10 minutes in savings because I was willing to go 70-75 instead of 60 meant something.) If I’m in Hollywood and no one’s moving I’ll advise them that they will be better off having me end the ride and getting out and jogging to the next club