How to Raise Your Rideshare Income

It's one thing trying to raise your rideshare rating; it's another thing trying to raise your income. There are a few tricks of the trade you need to learn and learn fast because these are the only ways of increasing your income. The rookie drivers tend to learn from the many articles that experienced drivers have posted, so the learning curve is easier over time. However, nothing replaces experience, and with all the theoretical knowledge you will still need to gain experience and feel the real street under your wheels.

When to drive

Knowing where to drive is key to success. Hitting traffic is not the worst issue, hitting traffic with no rides is. Going into lull areas and missing surges are terrible feelings and driving around large crowd functions at the wrong time is also a problem. Timing is a key issue and learning how to arrive is as important as learning to drive.

One interesting issue with timing is what time of day to drive. If you are only working as a rideshare driver, then your hours are pretty much your own. You can decide to drive early morning or late night hours as well as drive during rush/peak hours too. Working the so-called early morning quiet hours can be productive, sure there are fewer customers, but then there are even fewer drivers. You will also get those early airport runs, which can be lucrative since they occur daily.

Driving on weekends and holidays is also a good source of income if you are willing to be out and about on Christmass eve or Halloween.

Driving late at night is a great time to catch all the bar crawlers and frat party goers, and by watching the social media and reading up on local activities, you can find out when a major crowd event will occur.

Where to drive

Once you know when to drive, you will now need to learn where to drive. Sure, you know where the late-night watering holes are, you know where the major crowd events occur, and you know where the airport is located. However, sometimes knowing where an even is happening is not as good as knowing how to avoid the traffic and still get the fares. Finding alternative routes or places to park for pick-ups is as important as knowing where the pick-up might be before they ask for a pickup.

Study the maps and drive around just to learn where and how to get anywhere. Get lost driving around aimlessly noting small side roads and shortcuts through parking areas and gas stations. Sometimes you hit a hidden hot spot, a place that is so far out that no one ever thought to it, but once you arrive on the scene if you also have an Uber light too, you can attract some attention.

Find out where all the distant pubs and bars are situated, it much better working in driver free zones, leaving your co-drivers to deal with highly populated watering holes.

Whom to drive

While you might shy away from drunks, it pays if you come prepared. You will find loads of drunk passengers late at night around bars and pubs. Just be prepared for some bumpy rides and be patient. They can prove to be a lucrative focus, a rideshare driver for drunks. Just make sure you have a lot of patience, a lot of towels and cleaning appliances and are not taking on any violent or abusive passenger.

Another group to try and consolidate are frequent flyers. Academicians, physicians, and business people. Try to find central points where you can advertise your services to increase your net passenger list with these travelers. The more airport runs you get, the less you will need to supplement income. Some drivers are known for only doing airport runs.


Once you signed up and got your sign-up bonus, you will need to maintain your lead with a guarantee. These are basic competitions; the more rides you get per hour, the bigger your income. Watch out for the various time-related bonuses, such as hot-spot bonuses and surges. They pay more but have their issues.

Surges/Hot Spots

Finding hot spots and predicting surges is a major science these days. Most experienced rideshare drivers still haven't got the hang of this. However, once you know where a hot spot or surge will occur, make sure you are there when it happens. If you have to drive there, the probability is that it will have gone by the time you arrive. Don't chase a surge, and remember, there are lots of surge chasers, they end up getting tired especially at night, don't become one of them.

Driving for more than one company

It is always prudent to sign up for more than one company, this way you maximize you passenger pick up rate, you just need to make sure you change apps or have a separate mobile device for each app, so you don't get confused and end up using the wrong app.

Another service you can work for apart from ridesharing is delivery services. If you are already driving around for income, why not expand your experience and drive for DoorDash too or go to some of the local restaurants and fast food joints that look for delivery driver's notices. Sometimes, when times are slow, you can do a few of these and make up the missing cash.


Remember, everywhere you go and everyone you pick up, ask for a tip and also give your card, ask if they will refer you to another client too. Always do your best to increase your income.