How to make pings pop up almost immediately

I think I figured out a fool proof way to make pings pop up almost immediately if it happens to be slow. o.0 So, day starts to slow down and you’re tired of waiting for a ping. Reach for a cigarette and light that mothafucker! I guarantee you it won’t be long before the damn phone gets da pinging!!! LMAO


That’s how we used to make our food come out at the restaurant too. LOL Fuckin Murphy and his damn laws!!

Usually if I pull up at a fast food restaurant or gas station pump it works too

I have found being stuck somewhere works wonders too…starbucks drive throughs are great

How to get a ping:

  1. Leave apps on and go to a seat down restaurant.
  2. Read menu and ask for extra time to decide.
  3. Order food.
  4. Wait for food.
  5. Food arrives.
  6. Left fork.
  7. PING

Lol, my thought too. As soon as I lit one up last night got a ping and then she canceled while I was on my way.

lol I think your right. It’s happens to me all the time. I light up a smoke and ping I got another one.

I start my Saturday on the couch. Go to the bathroom without the phone, you have to decide real fast what to do.

Last saturday I was sitting in a hot spot for 45 min. without another driver showing up in the 30 min. range. As soon as I gave up pulled on the street turn west got a ping to the east.

i suggest you just stop to pee, you cant get finished before you get a hit

Or fart, start eating Doritos or popcorn or go en route to take a poop SMH…

Or start heading home with your mind set to have a cold one once you get home.Or say “i guess I’ll get food / go pee / go home” lol

Drive-thru the Dunkin Donuts Drive-thru by the time you order your coffee or what have you and get to the window you’ll get three pigs

Shit all you have to do really is need to pee or get gas or want coffee or something. When you’re about 2 minutes from where you wanted to go, BAM!

Totally…sitting there waiting for 10 minutes. Finally get out of the car to have a smoke…light it up…two drags in, there’s your ping LOL

Bathroom breaks , food breaks , start heading home work for me to never fails

I’ve also learned how to get rides going the direction you want to go. Envision riders requesting rides going the opposite directions. If you hope for rides going towards home, for example, you’ll end up 20 miles from where you want to be.