How to make more money(over $800) with UberEats

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In this article, I am going to discuss how to increase your income with UberEats. This is based on what I know and what I learned from driving for UberEats.

Let's start with referral bonuses. If you are a new applicant, do not apply without a referral code, this gives you and the other driver an added incentive, cash incentive. Now down to the nitty-gritty:

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I earned around $75 on my first day with UberEats, and by the end of my first-week driving, I made $256, the week after that I reached $750 and the week after that I had pushed it up to over $800. I did work hard to earn that income, and I didn't have a system in play yet, but that shows you how much you can earn without driving to full efficiency. Although, having other income sources can allow you to be lazy with Uber. So, it is important to have another source of income other than Uber.

Continuous Driving Option

The first basic tip you need to accept is continuous order acceptance; this is not a game-changing strategy, just a hand on the steering wheel approach, which means no stopping, just deliver after deliver after deliver, once you dropped off an order, accept the next ding and move on. This means, don't drive off from the delivery so soon, wait a moment, if you get a ding take it, if not, drive towards a restaurant area that will get you immediate orders quickly. That's the way I made $100 a day for 10 hours of work, which is around $10 per hour.

Boost Driving Option

The second tip that came from the experience was to follow the boosts; this will increase your income for less driving hours. In fact, it increases your income by $1 per mile, which led me to earn $100 per day for a six to eight-hour shift, so I was driving fewer hours for the same amount, around 30% more effective. The follow the boost strategy means; after a drop, off don't wait in the area, drive to a place with many restaurants, and you will get a quick ding. China town is a perfect place for this. Remember that the orders you get are from people that don't live in the area, they cannot walk to a restaurant and order the food themselves, so your orders are going to come from distances, usually between six to seven miles away. If you can get into a boost period, you maximize your income.

Since UberEats is a curb to curb delivery rather than a door to door one, you just drive up to the restaurant, get the delivery to your car, or go inside to pick it up. It is usually only a five-minute instance and drive-off. When you reach the drop-off area, you pass the meal over to the customer from your car. You then drive back to the area you just came from and repeat the process. It's a fast and efficient service, but there are no tips. Don't forget to turn the app off after you deliver the order, and only turn it one when you get back to the pickup area, that way you don't get any low-price orders coming in. Using this system, you will do around two deliveries per hour, but your income will average $14 per hour for average or long trips and $21 per hour if you get three short trip combinations, which increases your income by 30% to 90% more than the continuous driving option.

Boosts can change, and they vary between x1.6 to x1.8 on a good night, which can increase your income even further and you can end up making around $40 per hour in a good boost hour for short trips. Most probably you will get long trips, so your income will average around $18 per hour, and that's the 90% increase you are looking for. During the whole shift, you might make around $100 in five hours and then go home to check out how much money I made from passive internet marketing.

Generating Extra Income

OK, so I am now at home after the shift, I made $100 from Uber, I now check my income online and find that I made a further $100, so my daily income is now $200. The reason I am working seven days a week to earn over $1000 a week is to pay off for the car my Mum bought after an accident. The company finagles her into believing they would pay for it with the insurance and in the end, didn't, so now I can't be lazy and got to help my Mum pay for her car. By being motivated, I end up being inventive and learn how to make more money in a shorter time, although this is no getting rich quick scheme. It's all about the intelligent use of your time to maximize income.

The great thing about splitting the work between online marketing and UberEats is the money earning model, UberEats allows me to cash out daily, and this helps pay for all the daily living stuff, while the internet marketing earnings pay me monthly and that goes to cover loans and big payments.

The beauty of working for Uber and online is the hours; you set them yourself. You don't have a boss, and you dictate your workload from continuous application of marketing. This makes you hone your skills and can generate income without a 9 to 5 job and bosses that you don't get on with. Another by-product of a steady job is lazy weekends where you vegetate on the couch watching TV rather the being active because you count on the wage to support you. Now that I have learned how to generate my income, I can decide if I want a boring job and either vegetate or also add more income on the side, or be my boss and enjoy life while I earn.

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What’s your code? I’m going to sign up for Uber Eats because your article


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What company do you work for in online marketing? Are you doing surveys, or something like google?

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Ubereats is definitely a scam!

I made $97 in tips tonight delivering food for a local restaurant (I’ve worked on and off for 4 yrs) and only worked from 6-9pm. This was not through Doordash or GrubHub or UberEats or any rideshare delivery service.

I know for a fact that Uber doesn’t stress enough to its PAX to tip their drivers because the PAX have told me.

I know people will comment “stop complaining” but we are providing a service, and when Uber takes over 50% of what we make, that’s BULLSHI*. I shouldn’t get $3.75 for a cancelation and Uber takes the rest. It’s our time; it’s our wear and dare not UBERs I spoke to a PAX from Uber twice this past weekend because they had asked how Uber works. Come to find out; both PAX tipped me 1. $20 2. $24. Both where rides to JFK not even 45 miles into the city.

To this day, people still think passengers can’t tip Uber drivers…

We need to make our voices heard. I even bought those tip signs to hang, and I don’t think those are even working.

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That why I won’t drive UBER EATS! Total rip off…excuse me what woman wants to get out of her vehicle to go bring a man chicken fried steak & eggs…that’s what wives are for…and I have a hubby…so I’m always making him food & my 8 Kids… I say Uber Eats is for UBER LAZY people… I absolutely love the rideshare part…and congrats on your tips… way to go…

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Gold nuggets

If you have UberEATS in your market, I have to implore that you get on board immediately. UberEATS pays considerably more than an uberX and the person ordering the food is more likely to tip. I had my hesitations about doing deliveries at first, because

  1. I’m lazy
  2. In the summers I could be seen driving in Gucci flip-flops and basketball shorts. I didn’t want to walk in anybody’s restaurant like that.
  3. I’m freaking lazy!

After my first delivery, I had a change of heart. I’ll let a booty call pass me by before I pass on delivery. UberEATS deliveries are where you make your money if you are an X driver. You will also receive the perks that a regular x will get, for example, surge pricing. 2 for 1: you can catch (2) deliveries at the same restaurant which will basically pay you X2. It’s a far cry from the uber pool; this is the kind of pool you want.

Since I’ve been doing UberEATS, I focus on just that now. For those that don’t know, you can have more than one profile for the same vehicle. You can do UberEATS strictly if you want, which is great if you don’t want to deal with people or if you got those squeaky brake pads that need to be fixed and you don’t want to embarrass yourself doing uberX. I haven’t made any changes to my profile; I just focus on putting myself in areas highly concentrated with UberEATS restaurants.

Engage conversation with the people running UberEATS at the restaurants you go to. You can use that to your advantage by asking them what their intake order looks like. A lot of restaurants have the iPad set up so you can just look over the counter and see, some may have it hidden. What you want to look for are the pending orders. You want to see if there are any orders in that don’t have an assigned driver, there will be a timer. If that time is 5 mins or less, it may be financially beneficial to wait it out. You may receive that request if it’s in your direction of travel of your first order.

Now get out there and make this money!

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