How to make a trip enjoyable

I try to be genuine. You can offer water, aux cord, or whatever… some people do want to have a good time. Some pax want a fun ride, so I go with whatever thier demeanor and initial reaponse (s) may be. I have plenty of laughs, jokes, dress comfortably, and have no problem talking.i. about 625 fares into it now and I carry a 4.9 I don’t want another uptight job, so why make this uptight… you don’t want to be the bizzkill.

Dress well. I do white shirt black tie, and music, music, music is key. The volume should be just right, not loud not soft. But you must get the right genre. Jazz is always safe. 4.9 800 trips. 750 rated.

I have an iPad mounted in the back with Spotify running on it. The passengers can choose their music and entertain themselves. If they’re nice and the trip is long, I’ll let them watch Netflix or Hulu on it. I do see people driving by with sure bright LED strings in their car pulsating and such… Too much lol !

Yeah, I liked it too, they made a spin off off, I think it was in Chicago. It wasntbvery good, I only saw a few episodes. Ben Bailey was on the local radio station a while back, promoting a comedy show. He bought the actual cab from the network, you can hire him to make an appearance with the cab for your next birthday party.

I remember when Cash Cab Canada started. Not long after production started, the cabbie hit and killed a pedestrian. I think that was the end of Cash Cab Canada.

This wont work cause most pax are brainless
Had a girl come out her condo look to the left then the right then left right again i was right in front of her Guess she must of missed the bright white sedan with the flashers on

Since the uber app kills the Bluetooth music, typically I don’t have any music playing. When a pax enters the car I give them a second to settle in. Confirm their destination. Ask if they have a preferred route or if they trust my GPS.

Ask them what music they like and enter it and play the station for certain genre or artist. But if it’s a younger pax I wait for them to ask. I’ve endured too many rides listening to metal rock. I’m completely unnerved by the end of the ride.

Most of this is stuff that is normally in my car. I was taught that this is part of responsible car ownership - to have some basic emergency equipment/sipplies & stuff. It’s the cough drops I hand out most - mininizes gems.

Give them some math quizzes. If the rider pays X per kilometre and operating cost is X, how much does the driver owe the tax office at the end of the year?

Are you using two devices? I’ll have music playing then when I accept a request it kills the music. If I turn it back on, once I arrive and hit arrive, it kills music again. Wish they fix it. Lyft doesn’t do that.

Depends… If its a short ride,their drunk, ugly,silent,talking in some alien language on their phone or among themselves, smell, or just generally piss me off, the classic country music goes on and the A/C goes off.

No, I don’t have two devices. I use just one and the only thing that disrupts the music is the GPS. I know have GPS only going through phone speakers so it won’t play over the car speakers, though it still disrupts the music for a second. I’m using Android. YMMV if you’re using an iPhone.

you have to pick and choose … i have a game where they can win prizes but you have to have the right crowd in your car… long boring trips are better when they have some fun but it has to be people who want to have fun…sometimes you get wet blanket type people in your car and those are the people you want to get to there destination promptly so you donot have to be around them no more

Common mistake. Many of us have made it. You don’t need to entertain your paxs. Just make them comfortable and execute your duties safely and efficiently.

It seems drivers are having better results with the Android phones than the Fisher-Price phones. The bloke I spoke to in the local Uber office says that more support requests come in for Fisher-Price phone users, for both drivers and paxs. But I certainly wouldn’t let the Uber experience dictate what phone you use and prefer.

My passengers get a clean(ish) car, a safe ride, a pleasant attitude from me, and an optional phone charger. Nothing more, nothing less. I play classic rock from a local FM radio station at a low volume. If a passenger asks nicely (or starts singing along) I’ll turn it up.