How to handle late cancellation

The minute pax cancels the ride, no one in your vehicle, or your vehicle itself, is insured! If they cancel the ride mid-fare, pull over to the safest quickest place possible and have them exit or ping you again to finish the ride properly. Myself? I wouldn’t allow a pax like that to ping me again because they will only hammer your rating when you finish the ride. Cut them loose, move on, drive smart and drive insured.

I’d just drop them off somewhere safe as soon as I saw the cancellation. Having them request you again could ruin any surge that was associated with the first ping, not that I would want a blantant mid-trip cancelling pax to try and ping me again anyways but thats just the biggest flaw I see with that idea. Tell them that due to the cancellation you have to let them out because they are no longer insured on the trip and your liability just sky rocketed.

If they cancel very early I would just let them out if it seems at all like they did it on purpose. Remember Uber has some sort of algorithm to discourage drivers picking up flags so the chances are high that you will not get them if they re-request. Actually from what I see the odds are very high that even in your backseat another driver will get the ping.

I’ve never had that happen, BUT what I do have happen quite often, is the PAX will tell me to drop them off 2 blocks of their destination (I assume it’s either a) to save money, or b) they don’t want their destination to see them Ubering.

I just drop them off and end the trip. It could be because you are an attractive young lady and they are worried their wife will get jealous, etc. Or maybe not. I’m a fat middle aged guy and they still do it to me on occasion.

Another thing I find quite odd is this - when a couple go out together, the man sits up front with ME, and the wife (or girlfriend, whatever she may be) sits in the back. Personally, I think they should both sit in the back! Has anyone else experienced this? This has happened to me quite a bit and it’s awkward.

Had a couple cute college girls request me to drive them outside a party. They were in my car and just requested when … a driver a mile away got them and I got someone else a mile away. Who knows with UBER.

Yikes…awkward!! Yeah, there’s been a couple times the husband/boyfriend has been chatty/flirty with me, ignoring the wife who’s in the back. I think it’s so rude.

Yes, I believe us women Uber drivers have it much tougher than our male counterparts. I just usually grin and bare it, but it certainly does get annoying! I notice that men like to “tell me where to go” for lack of a better term.

Naw, that jack-a gives us guys directions too and is all indignant if we don’t know “his way” to the house without being told. Take the wrong turn and there will be hell to pay.

I had a female pax (drunk) who told me she cancels on woman drivers because they can’t drive right. She will ping again until she gets a male driver.

I had college girls cancel during the drive (surge) and I pulled over and kicked them out…in the pouring rain (they didn’t have jackets), but there was a sidewalk (not on the highway or anything like that), no other Uber cars nearby. Being that it was a high surge in town, I’m sure they were out of luck for a while.

For various reasons I don’t believe this post. I’ve been driving (including drunks) for a year and a half and never once has a rider canceled mid trip. And if I did have a rider cancel mid trip, I wouldn’t request a cancellation fee. I’d have Uber pay for the time and distance that I drove.

Not true, don’t answer and respond on here without information. If the PAX cancels and you are no longer on the RIDE, RAISER LLC insurance policy is no longer active and you and your PAX are no longer covered. this is a 100% fact.

I’ve never had a person cancel mid trip, but I’ve only got 1100 or so rides in, so I supposed it might happen one day. However, I did cancel on a guy after 5 mins who then told me he’d pay cash. It was a short trip so I took him, and I wanted to see how uber responded if he “forgot” to pay the cash fee, which of course he did.

Wow, stupid pax tricks never fail to amaze. I’ve had people lie about their kid’s age, try to squeeze four onto a Pool ride (Uber adjusted their fare to X rates) but never cancel a trip before it ended.

This should just be told to the Uber prix straight up (in advance)…they’re continuously enhancing their app-tech to be cheaper/better for the non-tipping shmux…and more costly/worse for the slaves hauling their despicable human being customers around for crap.