How to get more Passengers - Build a Network

How to Build a Network of Passengers
Although it is true that being a rideshare driver fetches a good amount of money, often the job might turn out to be quite challenging. Due to this, many rideshare drivers often give up on the job. But if you follow certain tactics and strategies, you can make the job manageable and affordable. And, like any business, building a good network of customers is an important strategy. Here are a few tips which can help any rideshare driver build a good network of passengers and thus increase their earnings.

Learn from the Taxis

Taxi service has been going on since a very long time ago. Even a few decades ago, there was no provision of calling a taxi or a cab remotely. But to increase the chances of getting a passenger, what most of the taxi drivers did (and do even today) is that they built a healthy relationship with the passengers. If a passenger gets to know a driver accurately and trusts him, then he would always prefer to take the taxi.

Familiarize with the Passengers

Many passengers save the contacts of specific drivers they trust on their mobile phones. They prefer to take the service of drivers they know over unknown drivers on the streets, especially in cases of long-distance journeys. Also, people who need transport on a regular basis for going places such as offices and workplaces prefer to contact drivers whom they know.

Google Voice Number

If you want people to like your service and give you good tips and rankings, then you need to give them a reason to do so. Once you can provide an excellent service and make people able to distinguish you from other drivers, then you can take advantage of it to increase your income.

Google Voice is an application which gives anyone a phone number for free, for the purpose of making and receiving voice calls, text messaging, and also includes voicemail. It works like a charm on smartphones and computers and synchronizes across all devices so that the app can be used from anywhere: home or outside. You can use Google Voice Number to let your passengers have your contact. Once a passenger books your ride, you have his/her number, and at that time you could greet him with a text message by saying something like ‘Hi, this is Sam. I’ll be your cab driver, and I am on my way’, which will not only let him know about your current status but also save your contact on his mobile device, without them having to do so manually. Once you reach the destination and drop off the passenger, you can inform him the fact that he has your number included in the text message you sent on his mobile device.

If you are living in the suburb areas and you have to drive into the city to look for passengers, you should always try to approach people who live in your neighborhood. Knowing your community is always a good practice to improve your network.

Business Cards

Even if your customers have your contact number saved on their mobile devices, they might not be aware of it. Also, they might delete your text message which will remove your contact from their device.

Traditionally, distributing business cards is the primary technique by which business people present their contact information to their potential customers. You could use business cards wherein you can have your details including your Google Voice number. Business cards are something people often store inaccessible areas. And because you will be providing them with an excellent service, your passengers will positively make sure to check your business card to call your cab for a ride. All you have to do is order a pack of business cards (you can do them online as well) and give one of them to your passenger at the end of the ride and tell them to give you a call should they need a trip. Passengers tend to remember drivers who have developed a rapport with, and most likely, they will give you a call.

Also, there might be times when you are free, yet it is not a business hour. In such cases, you might get a call from one of your previous passengers, and thus utilize the time to make some easy money.

The Logistics behind it

Once you become experienced in the field of rideshare driving, there are particular challenges you might face on the run. The challenges differ as per the services you are working for.

For instance, the Uber passenger requesting system is based on how close you are to your passenger. Therefore, the locality you are in may not be of demand as per Uber’s rideshare system.

On the other hand, the Lyft passenger requesting system takes the time factor as a parameter; i.e., drivers who have been on Lyft longer get prioritized. It can happen, so you have a passenger sitting in your car, requesting you for a ride, but the app keeps demanding drivers who might even be thirty minutes away from the rider. In such cases, the passenger has to cancel and again seek the ride. Sometimes the process might have to be repeated a few times.

Challenges about Lyft and Uber

Taking a glimpse at reality, all rideshare drivers are micro-entrepreneurs. With increasing challenges such as capitalizing methods of companies like Lyft and Uber, competition is rising among drivers. In today’s world, being average is not advantageous, as a result of which some drivers are quitting as the revenue they are generating is not worth their effort anymore. So if you want to be successful, you need to stand out in your field. Think out of the box, build a good network, take advantage of all the opportunities out there and exceed the expectations of your customers to make some good money and stay happy.