How to get Lyft Hub Assistance - Lyft's Customer Service for Drivers

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Lyft Hubs are driver service centers provided by Lyft and aimed at hitting Uber in the soft spot. By providing driver assistance in a direct and comforting manner and offering a good quality of service, Lyft, through its Hubs will build a strong fleet of drivers. Having said this, what do Hubs do and how do they improve drivers?

Lyft Driver Hubs

While all the hubs are slightly different they are all aimed at helping drivers in three ways:

  1. The offer support for existing drivers and provide a real-time service
  2. Prepare and collate new drivers and helping them become Lyft approved
  3. Act as a community forum and center, a social club for Lyft drivers
  4. The informative private documentation such as Airport Placards, Lyft Trade Dress emblems
  5. You cannot reactivate a de-activation
  6. Hubs are closed over weekends

What to do at a Lyft Driver Hub

When you arrive at a Lyft Driver Hub, the first thing you need to do is apply at the front desk and submit your request. This will enable the front desk clerk to assign you to a specific service representative and also assign you a queue number.

While waiting for your turn, Lyft has created a comfortable waiting environment with plenty of seating. If you are in a rush, we suggest you arrive a quarter of an hour before they open, since mornings are their business hours. That way you will be one of the first in line or arrive during lunch, this way you miss their rush hours.

If you are not one of the first, don't despair, the waiting time is about 15 to 20 minutes. There are plenty of representatives dealing with customers at any given moment in time, so the queue moves faster than it appears at first glance.

The waiting area is quite a cool place and offers a lot of informative material which helps you understand certain issues even before asking the question.

As in all modern customer support centers, there is a coffee machine and water dispenser which is neat since waiting can be a thirsty business, and it also helps to have that extra cup of coffee or glass of water to freshen the mind up.

If you want to know your place in the queue, there is a large digital screen that posts the current positions being dealy with and you can see where you are in the queue.

There is also a TV screen that plays videos of the city you are in as well as interesting tips and points of interest, which is a great opportunity to relax with that coffee or water while you wait for the service representative.

There is also WiFi with a strong signal, so you can surf as you wait without using up your surfing data package.

Your name is called and you goto the representative you have been assigned. Always be courteous, even in you came in for a verbal assault, which we don't recommend in any event. The best results are received through courteous language, patient body language, and a twinkling smile. Remember, the representative is an employee with a family and other issues and not the greatest income either. (You don't need to start crying for them either). In fact, some of the support representatives are former drivers with hands-on experience, so they know what you are all about.

The Lyft Hub versus Ubers Greenlight

While Lyft Hubs are friendly and comfortable, Ubers Greenlight offices are always coder and more mechanical, which means highly efficient (In a Borg kind of way). It seems that Lyft is a more organic organization in comparison to Ubers corporate manic driven culture. In truth, Lyfts clam that they treat their drivers better is true and is based partially on how they treated their drivers in the Hubs.

The Lyft Driver Meets

Being a rideshare driver doesn't give you time to meet up very often, so when Lyft organizes the main event, as a driver, you must attend. This event gives you a chance to mingle with other drivers, exchange stories and have a good time. You will also enjoy free meals, drinks and meet with Lyft executives.

Lyft Educates Drivers

One of the biggest differences between Uber and Lyft is that Lyft will go one step further in making their drivers more competent. One of the ways is to provide a classroom environment in their Hubs offering new drivers insights to navigating and using the Lyft app. They also cover key issues such as budgets, taxes and state and municipal regulations.

Signing Up

Lyft Hubs allow for new driver sign-ups. If you visit your local hub you will get assistance in the application process and be able to complete an application if you bring the following documentation:

  1. A valid insurance card
  2. Your up to day driving license
  3. You're referral code so you can get your bonus.
  4. A big smile for the instructor

Since you are a new driver, you will also get a free car inspection done, but just make sure you made an appointment in advance. If you are already a driver, you cant get an on-site inspection at the hub.


While a lot of communications are done by virtual means, nothing beats a good old one-to-one. If you have the time, it is worth taking that time down to the hub and dealing with your issues there. Many times when discussing things you suddenly remember other issues and the assistance can help sort out a lot of stuff. You might also bump into drivers you know, so this adds to the Lyft community spirit.

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