How to deal with child car seat issue?

Every once in awhile I get a bunch of them in a row but for the most part it’s not common. I always tell them that it’s against the law and I know I cannot take the must have a child seat I wait 5 minutes and cancel the ride to collect the cancellation fee after all they’re not going to learn unless it cost money every time they do this. And then with Lyft I call the trust and safety line and report them as a safety violation. Trust and safety will unpair you from the passengers so you can never get a request from them again so you don’t have to worry about their next request coming to you.

If they persist I ask them for $2500 cash upfront to cover the cost of the ticket and increased insurance rates. No one ever has $2500 cash on them.

No way will I take kids under 8 without car seats. I don’t care what excuses/sob stories I hear. Luckily, that’s not been an issue for me though

It looks like this and the breastfeeding are two big reasons Travass makes taking children optional. I don’t even think cars can securely fasten more than 2 child seats.

Yep, I have the Michigan law ready for the eventual argument. Any children under 4 need a seat, the driver is legally responsible. So without a car seat, no ride.

There are a lot of things they do not address, intentionally. It is your job, unfortunately to know all of the laws, regulations, rules and use common sense since they don’t have your back.

The booster thing is more iffy…I’m almost 50 and I don’t have a clue what size kids need a booster these days. Well, I have a general idea. And common sense. And I’ve done some reading so I use those things as I guide. I can’t be expected to measure/interrogate every passenger.

I think for a booster you need to know age, height and weight. The parent might know the law and could lie. If it looks like a duck it’s a duck in my book. You are not required to take kids, with an adult.

I treat this just like Assist, they don’t pay UberX drivers any more to have car seats so why bother? Higher classes like XL and SUV get $10 extra per ride for offering it. This is why you see pax with kids ordering an X, better to take the chance that the X driver will just not care than pay XL/SUV rates.

It also depends on where you are. Here in Seattle TNCs, like taxis, have a specific exemption from car seat laws (and seat belt laws as well, if pax don’t wear a safety belt it’s legally on them, not the driver).

People who do need a dog are more important than those who don’t, they can’t do things everyone else can, easily. Pax think taxi rules apply to us and they do not. Taxis do not need child or booster seats in every state. You are not a taxi, although you do serve the public, in a technology vehicle.

Several of my Pax knew damn well that they were supposed to have the seat. One super-great mom and granny pair told me they shopped too long and missed the last bus. Guess a 10% off sale trumps child/grandchild’s life.

Frigging taxi driving hipocrits, be pissed at us because we get away with crap they can’t but then fly this in our faces. Next time you wonder why your insurance is so expensive think about this ‘exemption’, putting convenience before safety is never an excuse.

That’s the problem, if you don’t have or need a child seat, you probably will need a booster seat and to know the difference. Not sure what the parent training manual says these days, besides Google.

I’m not assuming anything, I specifically asked the regulatory authority that governs all taxis and ride-shares in my city, you patronizing dick.

I just had a mother with 3 small children all under 4. You are a bad mother lady. I told her it was illegal and most of all…really dangerous. She argued that she does it all the time and I just said Shane on them and on you and left.