How to best converse with rideshare passengers and what topics to avoid

5 Topics to Generate Interesting Conversation With Your Passengers

While some passengers like to keep themselves busy with their phones the whole ride, some refer to talk. And most drivers would likely prefer to talk. This does not only make the job a little more fun but it also makes the long rides go by easily and quickly. Meeting new people and having great conversations are some of the most interesting parts of being a rideshare driver. We've all rotated through the not-so-fun conversation topics like "Where are you from?", "Where do you work?", "How long have you been using Lyft/ Uber?", and more. So, next time you're chatting with a passenger, make sure to offer up one of these topics to spark a unique conversation.


This obvious topic may seem plain initially, but it is a versatile topic that almost everyone has an opinion about. A topic that most everyone will comment on and the conversation can lead many different directions. Weather affects everyone, especially when it is not ordinary. Everyone knows someone who has been influenced negatively by the weather. Whether it is a tornado, flood, rain, or lightning, weather affects us all humans and creates stories that are both negative and positive.

Start with questions like "What is that thing in the sky called again?"- If it has been rainy, snowy or cloudy all day. This usually gets a good laugh and they open up. "When is summer going to start? Or Hot/cold enough for you?"-When temps are significantly different than the normal. Or "What are doing today to enjoy this beautiful weather?"

Favorite Place

This conversation may surprise your rider first time, but once you open up about your bucket list, it becomes easy for them to pour in. Everyone has a favorite place where they wish to stay longer. It might be their grandmother's rocking chair or the Great Pyramids of Giza. More people, more bucket list. It's a great topic to have a conversation as everybody wants to visit someplace in their lifetime. Maybe, you have visited it, or your rider has. That makes it an experience you can share with each other.

Whether it's the best pub in the city or the Machu Picchu story, you're sure to get a wide range of answers and ideas for your next vacation.


Most people are comfortable to talk about sports if you find the right sport. It isn't versatile, but most of them would love to talk about it. Also, it is a topic of choice, so don't let the conversation heat up if you and your passenger are not on the same page.

“Did you watch Antonio Brown touchdown yesterday?” or “Do you think Ronaldo will get through a season without being injured?” – all you have to do is find a most controversial player in your favorite sport and ask a question about them. Talk about a nationally known sports figure, if nothing else comes to mind, like “Did you hear about Russel Westbrook’s insane contract?”.

Conversations regarding sports are not very deep, but they are an easy way to get the conversation going.


Work is a natural topic for passengers who rely on you for their commute. This question incorporates your passenger's true passion and is a topic that they'll love talking about. Since our jobs and career are so much of our lives, people can easily start a conversation about it.

Questions like "Did you just get off work?", if you pick up from a business or retail location. Follow up with "Do you like working at…?" and "What do you do for …?" A good and simple way to start the conversation.

Sometimes you have to share your background because some riders assume drivers are uneducated and do not know a thing about the work. And hence, would not understand a word what they would commute. Share your own work experience, if any.

The weekend plans

"What are you looking forward to this week?"- this one simple question will put your rider in a great spirit. Whether it's the new home they just rented, baking cookies, or going on a second date, people always feel happy when they think about their weekend. It puts your passenger in a good mood. And most of them would quickly share their thoughts about it.

"I'm looking forward to this Football game this week", "Do you know the XYZ club are giving heavy discount this Friday as it's their anniversary?", or "It's a good week to have a nice, little picnic at the park, don't you think?"- Anything can spark up the conversation on the weekend plans. In a single ride, you could learn about your city's new book club, or meet someone who loves to visit the new New Orleans Park just as much as you do. Plus, the rider might look forward to book ride that weekend with you.

The power to start a great conversation lies in your hands. Most of the riders are great people like you and me, and driving for them puts our faith back in humanity, especially after hearing all the awful stories on the news. Riders will surely want to communicate if a driver gets the right mood. Such topics help you connect with your passengers easily, and makes riding more fun for them and for you, as a driver. Also, remember that topics of politics and religion are the kind of topics that are a big no-no. If the rider brings it up, it is fine to discuss. But don’t forget that arguing with the rider is only going to lead to lower ratings, so it’s best to agree with the rider even if you have strong feelings about a topic.

Next time you're chatting with a passenger, offer up one of these topics to inspire a unique conversation. Got a favorite topic to start a conversation? Or do you have a great question you like to ask your passengers? We would love to hear them!