How often do you clean your car?

A couple of times a day. When you have 30-40 rides a day,50% of them multiple riders,the seats need brushing off and the floor mats need shaking out every 8 rides or less. After 15-20 rides oily finger and hand prints build up around door handles.

And don’t forget the similarly oily finger prints on the inside of ALL glass, left by riders who apparently need to check that there are windows and a front screen fitted.

At least once a week. While having a clean car does get me better ratings, I do it more for more for me and keeping up my car’s condition.

Vacuum anytime I see the back floors getting bullshit on them. I goto the hood and get my car washed once a week for 15 bucks. Helluva a job every time.

Our local car washes have monthly pass memberships for as little as $8/month or the ultimate package which includes tire detailing for $35/month. This gets you unlimited amount of washes.

I vacuum at the end of every shift. I have my shop vac in my garage, plugged in the wall. Total vacuum time takes about 3-4 minutes. I wax the car once every 2 months with cold rinses and drys about once a week in between.

I wash the outside windshield and rear window at the end of every shift and the passenger windows about once a week with touch in between because sometimes you can see someone’s greasy forehead print on them.

What is this foam cleaner you speak of? I have a home carpet cleaner that has an attachment I can clean the car seats with but it’s such a hassle. I only do it maybe once a month at best.

I only wash the car once or twice a month but I wipe down the interior several times a week and clean the windows often. Armour All has some scented wipes that keep the car smelling fresh without being to strong of a scent. I put down rubber floor mats so I don’t have to vac as often.

I do a drive-through carwash for $4 (and it takes quarters, which is like finding free money!) once a week. There seems to be a direct link between my car wash and rain. Within 4 hours of any carwash, it rains enough to get my car dirty, so I often wash more than once per week.

I clean/vacuum maybe once every 3 months and I’m fine as proven by my Neat and Tidy badge category, holding in at #2 most compliments. cos you know, our lives revolve around those awesome badges.

Agreed, I used to wash my car every weekend before Ubering, so I haven’t really changed that. I like having a clean car, Uber or no Uber…I did buy a $13 battery powered hand vac that I vacuum the back floor boards if they get really bad…

I try and do it once a day, and sometimes twice, if passengers bring strange smells to the car. Where I live, there is an unlimited full service car wash that offers cleaning, wax, vaccum, tire shine, etc for a fixed price per month. So I endeavor to be very meticulous about keeping a clean car.

Found a car wash nearby my place. $48 a month unlimited full service car wash. No brainer, i took it and its good as all their locations and theres one near my office too. I can do one car wash a day. Ill do at least 8 washes for uber making it $6 a wash. Theyll do everything short of a detail and it was a quick wash.

I only drive once or twice a week. Sometimes my kids ride in the car and I might have to clean if they make a mess. Other than that I vacuum and wipe down the interior about once or twice a month.

Used to clean before each day’s drive. Now I pay a monthly fee ($55) for unlimited car washes, which includes vacuum and mats washed, as well as wheels and tires. Car looks sharp always and I like it like that.