How much percentage your PAX tips?

Have had nights where several tipped, and a guy whose group wasn’t ready at arrival tip $5 pre-trip for the extra wait, and then pax offer an extra value meal fast food for a late-night trip to drive through. Felt like a fair situation and compensated for the low fares and good service. Other times have done 20 trips in a day without a single tip. When I used a tip cup the percentage seemed to increase from about 10% to maybe 15% overall.

My experience has been that the tipping percentage is low – probably less than 10% – and also that those with lower fares tip less than those paying XL rates. My XL pax almost always tip, just for routine service, nothing special. I focus more on getting rides than getting tips.

I strive to never worry about getting a tip, or let myself be bothered if I don’t, but I do of course enjoy getting them. I do my best to give great service to everyone regardless of who they are, and honestly the feeling of making someone’s day by treating them with respect and giving them an unexpected level of service beats a tip in many ways.

In a realted note, I’m also curious as to what some of the more offbeat items you guys have been tipped? One time I picked up a local business owner, of a Men’s suit shop, from a bar and he tipped me with his business card, that had his signature, and a note saying I can have 1 of any tie in the store.

I’ve been “tipped” An In-N-Out combo meal. Picked up a manager of a Popeye’s about a month ago, who told me to comeback and ask for him for the “hook up”. Have also been tipped energy drinks.

In x, maybe 10-15%, in select, maybe 30-40%. Seems like I’ll have one night with no tips then another with almost everyone tipping. It’s weird that way.

Definitely less than 10 percent for me but in my last 100 rides I made 46 bucks in tips. A 20 dollar tip, a 16 dollar tip (6 plus 10 from 2 people) and two 5 dollar tips.

The percentages are about the same. What stinks lately is that the amounts have gone down for me. A $5 bill on average used to be standard. My last 6 tips (and counting) have all been a lousy $1 each.A new record. Felt like telling all the PAX to just keep their lousy $1 but I haven’t yet anyway.

The lowest I have been tipped is $2-3 and the most is twenty. I would say the average is 5. Also… I carry a square reader, and I have definitely gotten tips that I otherwise would not have by carrying it.

The square reader I have just sticks into the headphone jack of your phone, and then you are ready to swipe. I can put the card number in manually, but they take a higher percentage for that, and most people probably don’t want me taking that long anyway.

Been “tipped” a couple of sample toothbrushes and a small floss from a salesman who provided those things to dentists offices. One dude left me his book marker that had slogans or words of wisdom on it. How generous. College kids tip me with the crumbs and wrappers I find on my back floor from the food they sneak in .

And it’s free. I can’t think of any reason for an Uber driver to not carry one. They do have a fancy one that costs $50 that is a wireless Bluetooth chip reader, but I don’t see a need for that just yet.

So all you have to do is put it on your phone, does you need to sign into your account or anything? I just never did it before, only entered numbers manually.

7 out of 10 this week so far… $60.00 and a 12oz can of redbull…

Other weeks 5-10% No pattern, but I find when it rains it pours.

12.5% tip me. My 3rd trip tonight was my only tip. A very sweet girl who was so excited to be taking an Uber tipped me $10. Her jerk friend in the back seat was saying Uber says not to tip.(grrrrr) She was so pleasant, we’d be lucky if all pax were that way, but alas, 80% of them are complete jerks.

35% Lyft pax tip
5% Uber pax tip

Pretty sure the 65% of Lyft who don’t tip are Uber regulars who didn’t want to pay 1.2x surge.

I agree. screw the 5 and give me 5 dollars. as for why my tip % is low. I work mornings and afternoons. working evenings and graveyard is where the tip is at with risk involve. remember the song Freaks come out at night (whodini) i’ll pass on that.