How much extra fee for Uber car seat in your area?

Here in Orlando, It is $8.00 fee. no additional difference in per mile than X rate.
For me that $8.00 is not worthwhile for the time it takes to install/uninstall the seat each time, then have a potentially screaming toddler in my car for 20 minutes.

It boggles my mind how many parents are willing to put their young children in my car without a car seat! I look at them like they have 2 heads and tell em ya know it’s against the law right…and then cancel!

And they tell you, “OTHER Uber drivers do it!”
And I tell them, that’s fine, go ahead and cancel your request and request another driver. Then I report them.

Go practice, it should take no more than 3 mins to put in a car seat properly. =)
I would rather have a toddler in the car than a drunk. =) $8 extra for essentially doing nothing different and you will have much more appreciative parents.

I wish Uber fam was in NJ… that is all I would focus on. In essence it is more than double any minimum ride fee for crap you are already going to be doing.

I wonder if I had one or two of these, charge a $5 surcharge to use them, would that work? These things are small enough it may fold and fit in the glovebox.

I have 2 kids… I can assure you I have plenty of practice adding and removing car seats. I live in tourist central, so I get many pings for people with infants and/or toddlers. No car seat, absolutely no way! As mentioned several times above, as a parent, I am amazed (saddened) by how many parents that have no regard for their infant/toddler’s safety.

There are a few occasions I show up to ping and the pax actually have a car seat. Them I accept and help install their seat. it’s been a 50/50 proposition on whether it was an adorable little angel cooing and sleeping in the back or Hell spawn of Satan coming incredibly close to shattering my windows with piercing demonic shrills.

all kids under 8 or 9 are supposed to be in some type of a car seat or booster seat. There are vast differences in sizes, rules on whether it is forward facing, rear facing, etc. and not to mention they say that like 70% of parents install their own car seats incorrectly… what chances do I have?

If a parent wants to install their own car seat I have absolutely no problem with it. I don’t help them, because I don’t want to get blamed. Parents without car seats? I refuse the ride. Who the heck takes an uber with their toddler but no car seat with them? Yeesh!

No, for x+carseat, it needs to be a full carseat from an approved list of models. I had looked at list at one time, but can’t find it now. It can’t be type like shown or booster seat. It needs to be a specific safety rated front facing model. if doing the $5.00 surcharge off book, I would not recommend.

Beyond the safety concerns, beyond the possibility of hell spawn, beyond the wretched smell of dirty diapers lingering in your car (it’s happened a couple times), there is also the high likelihood you will have a nice mess to clean up after they are done. Could be juice, could be milk, but almost always is cheerios.

I don’t think a $5 surcharge is enought o cover the liability. Not by a long stretch. Imaging you get in a wreck and the child is injured or worse, killed.

Uber might cover it if you were using one of their approved car seats and the customer was paying for it through uber, but if they find you are charging on your own for a seat they didn’t approve and pocketing the money, they will absolutely not cover you either.

You would be surprised. People with kids are not going to wait 20 mins to get a ride to go a few mins when they could of just walk it in the same time. And typically pushing a stroller gets the kid to sleep.

I believe that if you are found driving around with an infant or baby in the car, and they are not strapped properly into a car seat, YOU as the driver are responsible. Regardless of circumstance. When I have a PAX with a small child I insist on setting up the car seat for them, regardless of whether they paid uber the car seat fee.