How much do Uber drivers make? Some Uber drivers are strugling

Just came across this article from last year. How much do Uber drivers make? I get this question from passengers all the time. Well, my answer is, it depends on many factors.

Welcome to being a taxi driver these guys do it every day spend 10-12hrs a day just to break even because they have to pay a lease to drive the company car.

My weekly lease is $155. My monthly car allowance from the company I work for is $350. I also get paid 20 cents per business mile. Typical monthly about 1000, so that’s another $200.

If all goes well, I may be able to find a second company to work for that also pays a car allowance, and my lease will be covered whether I bother to go Ubering or not. The only part that sucks is that if I don’t go Ubering to earn money to pay the payment, I have to send them a check in advance or pay a fee to make an online or phone payment.

$155 a week x 4 = a super nice car you could BUY and own. I never understand people doing the free CoughBSCough car.

I’ve already been through this in my local group. Credit = shit. Already have a note on the Malibu. My choices were brand new Uber lease car or Buy Here Pay Here shitbox. I’ve had shitboxes all my life. Time for a change. I can buy this car at the end of the lease for $4480.

I can see a driver being upset. Especially if they bought a car when uberx first came online. In San Diego uberx rates where $3 a mile and $.40 a minute in 2013 they are now $1.10 a mile and $.15 a minute.

If you don’t like rideshare, you can always quit and become a software engineer or an orthopedic surgeon. Of course, if you don’t ready have those skills you may have to settle for something a little lower on the service industry pay scale.

Are you going to tell uber or lyft you would rather be paid less than minimum wage because your job doesn’t require skills but cost hundreds if not thousands $$ to run? Can you tell me why a driver should settle for less when they are the one that provides the service and pays for all expense?

There’s only one reason for a driver to accept the not so great deal Uber is offering. That’s if it’s the best option for the driver at the time. Given the disappearing middle-class jobs, that may be true for a lot of people. Although Americans don’t appreciate it much, safe driving, especially on these free-for-all roads, is a skill. And driving random passengers is not exactly the safest occupation in the world. Nonetheless, the pay is low, because the companies can get all the drivers they want and quality isn’t a priority. What rideshare provides is a low entry threshold to make some money and greater flexibility in your work schedule.

In theory, you already are operating your business. You’re just using the rideshare app. You can do without the app, you need another means of acquiring customers, and you have to comply with state and local regulations for operating a business transporting passengers.

Four years here. Uber takes the money for the lease straight out of your account. They’re not concerned where the money comes from. People drive for lyft, doordash, playmates. A driver I know was paying $130 per week. He started in Oct 15’
On April 17’ he purchased a Prius wagon, full cash and returned the 15’ Prius to uber. When he drives with postmates and lyft. The funds went into the same account as uber. Yes, uber was satisfied.

I leased a car from Uber. Big mistake. When I returned it, I should have owed $250, but instead, they are trying to charge me over $700 for some reason. Fuck all of that. They won’t ever see that money from me. Now I don’t do Uber X anymore. I bought a Prius, but they confiscate everything I might make to pay off that car so No uber x for me.