How much are you making on uber per week, and how many hours are you available online?

I can almost guarantee that you can make that money doing something else: pizza delivery, stocking shelves, mowing lawns, scrap metal recycling…

Maybe nothing will come of this, but uber can cut rates and/or deactivate you at will without warning. If not this, something else could have happened. This is ok as a side job – pretty much as an alternative to a payday loan, but not to be used as a main source of income for reasons stated above.

Do you have a family, or is it just you? If it’s just you, maybe you can get a roommate to help with the bills.

Bicyclist is supposed to be in the traffic lane just like a car and not driving up the side just because he can squeeze by. Bicyclist is at fault.

I make between 900-1200 a week (before gas and after their cut), online 40-50 hours. I have read some of the horror stories, but I’ve been ridesharing for over 2 and half years with no “bad” issues until yesterday. Yes, my car is taking a beating quicker than everyone else’s, but I put money aside for fixes and can’t complain

Yeahhh, logically, that makes sense, but San Francisco seems to hate car drivers Lol?
Several thousand rides (cumulative with Sidecar/Uber/Lyft) without issue, but I guess I should be more aware of this type of stuff. Hopefully the lesson wasn’t learned too late

well, this looks like a shared liability issue. If the car was stopped and then the door was opened then the bicyclist ran into it he was going too fast for traffic patterns. what if it was a kid that ran into the street and the bike hit him, its the bicyclists fault. Now on the other hand if the car was stopped the bike started passing the door level and then it opened onto his side, then the passenger / car owner is proximate cause.

To be honest, I didn’t see it happen, only heard it. But judging by my door, the cyclist went in to the open door. It was all pretty quick though, so I’m not sure how fast he was going.

I reported the accident through trip “issues” on the app and explained it all. Got a response from Uber with an accident form to fill out, but it seemed like a car/car accident. I emailed them back, and they said to use the cyclist as the other car, and if all I had was his phone number, then just put that.

I texted the cyclist and said I would probably need more info from him if he wanted to go further. A couple days later, and no response from the cyclist. Should I even bother filling out the form? I would love for all of this to just “go away” (as no one involved seems to care about it) but I’m not sure if it’s too late for that. Uber hasn’t suspended my account, so maybe that’s a good sign? I dunno

Fingers crossed but this isn’t good news. I’d say they are probably talking to am attorney. Get your story straight. I know it happened quick but try to remember sequence of events. I don’t know or don’t remember is not a good defense.

Use your Memory what sounds did you hear. Think did passenger said something like “this is good” then you heard door open maybe some rummaging as gathered belongings then thud.

I’m definitely not trying to get anything from Uber on my end. My door closes fine and the super tiny gap at the top isn’t noticeable unless you’re looking for it. I’m planning on getting it fixed myself before the supposed “giant storm” in CA hits.

I mean, a super large percentage of my drop offs aren’t full on curb side because I drive in a crowded city, I dunno. I don’t care about the accident, the cyclist hasn’t responded in several days so I don’t think he cares either.

Apparently a claims examiner and independent adjuster are going to contact me soon. "The adjuster will contact you to secure the facts in order to determine liability. The adjuster will also discuss any damages to your vehicle as well as schedule an estimate of these damages.

The damage is pretty minor. The door was tweaked a bit, but I pushed it in as far as I could. There’s a super tiny gap, but it isn’t noticeable unless you’re looking for it.