How many of you give a couple bucks to homeless people while you're out driving?

Austin, Texas has a very large homeless population. The majority of the bars and clubs are within walking distance of The ARCH, the Austin homeless shelter. Many panhandle, and I’ve even seen a couple set up shop looking for change at a drive thru only Wendy’s across the highway from the clubs.

Earlier today my wife was watching a documentary about homeless women having a difficult time sourcing items like pads and tampons due to cost and a shelters not stocking sufficient supplies. Instead of a couple bucks, why not make supply kits in gallon bags to hand out? Label the bags for men or women, and include personal hygiene items like bar soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste and a toothbrush, etc… For the woman bags, include a small supply of pads or tampons, again, from the dollar store. Be sure to include a couple bucks, which is what they ask for, anyway.

I think im gonna get some done this week with my oldest kids’ help (he likes to do things like this).


If you decide to do this and want to include hand sanitizer or Lysol spray please look for the single use wipes, instead. Unfortunately, people who are addicted to alcohol can and will ingest hand sanitizer when they cannot get consumable alcohol. Additionally, aerosol cans should be avoided as well as the propellant can be used for a quick high.


This isn’t about giving them money. If you want to throw one or two dollars in the kit, cool. If not, cool. It’s about giving them something that they need; something you reach for every morning.

I don’t… the city I live/work in is cracking down on homeless people pan handling at intersections as it’s become excessive. Police now can and will fine drivers who give money to the beggars. And they also have set up sting operations where the beggar is actually an undercover officer. I’m all for helping people, but I live in a very progressive area and there are plenty of avenues for people to get help.

That’s awesome, I wish they wound do that here in Austin, the panhandlers are getting way out of hand and they are becoming very aggressive

It has drastically cut down on the amount of panhandling inside the city of Madison WI

We have allot of tourists here in Austin, and the number one complaint by a long shot is the number of panhandlers and just the vast number of homeless people here. They harass everybody walking along the entertainment district and make people feel very unsafe

I take a “don’t feed the animals” approach. If you give them something for nothing, then you encourage that behavior and discourage "earn what you get to better yourself " behavior.

I get what you’re saying, however, the majority of homeless individuals are also diagnosed with mental health disorders as well as addictions and aren’t fully capable of holding steady employment or obtain housing and reliable transportation.

A quart or gallon zip top bag with hygiene supplies is help. Essentially, these are items you don’t typically go one day without using.

Unfortunately, long term assistance is expensive and involved, as it will typically involve psychiatric, employment, educational, housing, psycho-social, and criminal caseworkers working in tandem to resolve barriers to goal attainment.

I make little lots with snacks, hand wipes, a little baby can of pop and a couple of bucks.

Most of the people panhandling in my city are young people who are to lazy to work and just ask for handout. Screw them…if I can work for money so can they. I don’t give anyone anything if they are out begging.

True. But…accessing a food pantry can be difficult if you have no proof of residency in that community. If you don’t, they may send you off with a few items and a list of local homeless resources and shelters. In reference to shelters, these places are chronically underfunded and over populated. If you know where one is in your area, drive by in the evening. You will inevitably see people congregating around the building hoping they can get a bed. As such, whatever resources are there are taxed.

My city spends more on homeless than fixing the roads.
I don’t encourage panhandlers because it keeps them out on the street instead of going to the city programs for help.
So nope. I’m not using my income that i need to live on people who have unlimited resources through the city.

I’ve got no problem helping out the homeless. If I have a couple dollars laying around I will give it to them especially if they are a veteran. I had a long talk with a Vietnam vet who was in the same unit as I. Went home swung through a store and gave him a green dot card with $25 on it and a joint. Karma is real.

I like that female comedienne who says ," why do women have to beg ? Didn’t their mothers teach them how to suck d#ck ? "

I had told a story on here about getting a 1 star from a rider that didn’t agree with my stand on homelessness. That’s why i posted the sign. I then got other texts saying that it wasn’t a proper discussion for this forum. I guess the takeaway needs to be don’t talk about anything controversial with a potential tip giver.

It could be a good idea to speak to someone who works at a shelter or soup kitchen as they could distribute these more efficiently.

I don’t give money but if I have snack in car I give that or if I am getting a coffee or something nearby I may buy a small bite for them. In terms of food pantry I coordinate collections for them in my area but I never give cash to an individual

I usually do. One guy though, really got under my skin. I usually don’t have much cash on me anyway, but I gave him the only dollar I had at the time. His response…that’s it? You gotta have more…

A friend of mine gave a homeless guy in Boston a burger once. As the homeless guy walked away my friend sat down on a bench just as the next train came in. As people were milling about, my friend caught a glimpse of the same homeless guy throw the uneaten and unwrapped burger in the trash and continue on asking for money.

That happened to me many years ago and that is why I never give anything to any one. I was newly married and we were poor and barely getting by. McDonald’s back then had 59 cent hamburgers. I had enough cash to by 2 on my way to my waitress job. A guy was begging for food at the intersection by my job so I gave him one of my precious burgers. It was so slow at my job that they sent me right home so I left with no money. As I drove by the guy I gave the burger I saw it laying on the ground out of the wrapper but not even a bite missing. I was so pissed I wanted to get out and punch him.