How many of you get out and open the door for your passengers?

Personally I have had tips from $2 all the way to a $20 bill & have NEVER opened the door for any1. The day taxi drivers open doors for pax is the day I “may” reconsider.

Uberx is a revolutionized taxi. It’s not rocket science so don’t complicate it

UberBlack & SUV are there for those who desire their personal chauffeur

These pax are already paying Walmart prices for a 5-star service. Anything else is just pushing it…

None that I know of, if you want me to dress up, you better be paying $5 a mile.

Who lets their passengers in the driver side, so frickin’ lame.

I swear sometimes that Uber must view us as a social experiment. They are slowly training us to pay THEM for the pleasure to drive people around in our own cars.

Just watched the video. Haha!!! I charge $10 per kbps. I’ll make more on data than the ride. How are you going to stream audio on a 4g phone without the stream cutting out, you’ll need LTE. And who’s paying for the data, as many use there own phone. Not using my data stream, I already go through 15Gb a month. I guess we need to start paying uber for the privilege to drive for them.

I will not opt in to this data sucking madness unless they pay us to do it. I do not open doors, do not give out water or gum, wear shorts and t-shirt everyday, not overly chatty with either Uber or Lyft passenger and I wash my car once a month. Been rocking a 4.83 on Uber and a 4.9 on Lyft for a year. My Uber average for last week was a 4.88. My rating have been better since I stopped giving a F since the last rate cuts.

Yep, just re-read the email. Works with the uber app. So if your using your own phone, its going to suck from your data plan. I am paying $10 a week for an uber phone because of data usage and I’m going to let someone sponge off my data line for free, no frickin’ way.

Unfortunately, there’s a third party involved with this catastrophe, the deal is made between uber and Spotify, they never got driver buy in on this, I dont give **** away for free. Sorry my aux cable isn’t compatible with Spotify. Still waiting for uber to send it to me. That’s my response to the customer.

Uber is delayed in sending me the correct connection, along with my $250 a month payment for offering this service in my vehicle. That’s right uber, its my car, go **** yourselves. Nothing gets played without my permission. Tired of your outrageous commissions. After what I bring to the table. You’re going to take advantage of all the drivers again.

Either the marketing guys over @ Uber grossly exaggerated the possibilities of the Spotify integration in Uber or the music was sent from the pax Uber app over to the drivers to “ease” the listening transition.

speculated that it was a handoff of the pax phone through the app into Uber’s feed and then into the drivers phone of some sort. There has to be some kind of close proximity indicator to perform this. And I wouldn’t think it could happen unless a fare is engaged by starting the ride.

Only a matter of time before the phone charge will be $20 a week because of the streaming data. I am already over my 15Gb a month because of how much I use waze. Uber has turned into a bunch of leeches. They suck everything they can for free, take advantage of your personnel assets and exploit what you have for their own self gain.

I would imagine that this so called data feed is only going to be used for fresh feed i.e. streaming, not pax loaded and saved music on their own phones. Don’t really know how Spotify works in this arena. I did read that users can save songs and replay them, but unlikely they’ll get to use that aspect as it’s a no money deal for either Spotify or Uber.

Do you think that the driver had already started the ride before they got in the car? Did he ask for their permission? They were so busy dancing I doubt they would be bothered to answer the phone.

It’s a kick back to Uber, that Uber isn’t cutting us in on. Hell no, I get my cut or no tunes, running a bad ass harmon kardon system. Sorry, not doing it for free, when someone else is capitalizing on it.

Come on guys, where is that luber spirit. Cant you see that with the free water and snacks, the cheap fare, and now spotify, this will increase the number of riders and drivers will make more money. Please pass me some more koolaid, i dont want to run out.