How many drivers are dumb enough to try to hit on their passengers?

This passenger told me of a story where a guy she was riding with was an UBER driver and decided he really liked her and wanted to keep her in my car until she dated him, I told her OMG that’s technically kidnapping, it’s stories like this that make us look bad we are better than cabdrivers, We don’t want to act like them. We are not a dating service ,I would never in a million years hit on one of my passengers that is extremely unprofessional they just want to get someplace in a timely manner. I never mix business with pleasure.

I’ve slept with a couple passengers… One they gave me their number and the other I asked for theirs… This isn’t a real job lol it’s not like you’re gonna see them in the office tomorrow :joy:

And sometimes when I pull up to their place they are the ones that keep talking… Lol

But passengers sure aren’t afraid to hit on drivers though and sometimes it really scares me.

Well there are good and bad on both sides of the course but overall what is your drivers especially the peace of mind Lyft drivers are more carefully screened almost anyone fresh out of prison can drive a cab, I had one of these nightmare in Las vegas , I’m happy to be alive seriously.

Yep, Uber drivers would never shoot people in Kalamazoo.

I’ve taken over 600 rides. The type of person who used to drive Uber/Lyft used to be different than cab drivers. That is no longer the case.

If I was single, I would absolutely go “there”. If a driver is interested, and here’s the key, able to do it in a non-creepy fashion, why not?

It’s unprofessional and could cost you a good rating as the person could be playing along until they get out and then complain about you, it’s not worth the risk, as they get rid of you and hire 6 more in you’re place.

I stopped caring about stars when I graduated from kindergarten.

As for professionalism, there’s nothing professional about driving people around for low wages.

I’m a happily married man, so none of this pertains to me. However, if I was back in my single days, there’s no question that I would be having some fun with the passengers.

Proof read. You said the other driver wanted to keep her in your car. LOL

There are things that keep people from quitting over the falling rates and this is just one of them. Keep it up. TNC drivers will soon slide past cab drivers.

what are you talking about? lol… cab drivers are more heavily screened then Uber or Lyft… i drive Uber Livery and Taxi…

Uber: Required nothing

Lyft: Just has another driver talk to you.

Taxi: I had to sit with the police chief for 30 minutes, then wait 30 days to be approved while i passed a Federal Criminal Background Check and not only pass but enroll in a drug screening program. Plus my vehicle must me inspected by an actual certified mechanic for safety.

Considering i driver all of the above, honestly for my own financial security i would use a licensed car service livery/taxi over Uber of Lyft, but that just me…

If there is an accident i woukd much rather deal with anything but Uber… or havevto take a poor rideshare driver to court.

I had a female rider who told me one of her Uber drivers dropped her off but didn’t end the trip so he could still text her and ask her out…not only creepy but over charged her.

Why not have some balls and just ask in person haha, I keep business cards in my car and if I have any interest in knowing the person I’ll just give them that

I’ve also noticed that everyone that is speaking against it looks retired, or close to it… So duh lol your not having conversations with riders 30 years younger than you about anything relative haha I feel more like I’m driving my friends around more than anything

I have girls tell me all the time how happy they are to have a female driver because they are tired of “skeezy” Uber drivers hitting on them. I’ve heard it seriously almost nightly from someone.

Well they’re going to love me then because I don’t hit on anybody I’m a professional.

Word, I’ve heard that before, and I’m currently kicking it with s girl from Germany here on an internship lol

If it’s a mutual thing it’s totally different. Some of these guys are just pushy and it’s extremely unwanted.

I never said not to do it at all… just saying there are way too many guys out there being pigs with women who aren’t interested.