How long will Uber/Lyft continue to advertise for added drivers when it is completely unnecessary?

Are we ever going to put a ceiling on the amount of drivers that are out there? There is more competition amongst rideshare opportunities than I ever experienced driving cab. We need regulation and some kind of standard too. For starters, I seen too many drivers look as though they just woke up and put on sandals/flip-flops. Come on Man!

Ive emailed both platform numerous times about figuring out a dispatch system that reroutes or suggest drivers to go elsewhere wheres there’s actual demand…when an area your in is saturated with drivers…Maybe thats what this Uber opportunities feature is but I haven’t seen it activate once for me!

They should make it where you have to commit your vehicle to driving for rideshare; like rivet a badge on your car so they know your serious about rideshare and allow a certain amount of these badges. I bet people would even pay to have these.

Ride share isn’t designed for full time employment. Ride share is a GIG, it’s something employed people do for extra money!

No, what it sounds like is a lot of people want the Uber GIG to be their full time job.
It’s not designed to be employment, it’s designed to be a hit/miss GIG.

If you want to be a taxi driver go to your local taxi company and apply for a job.
Uber is a GIG! A part time flexible GIG. It is not a job! It is a RIDE SHARE, it means that you sign up to share your personal car with riders for money.
It is a great way to make extra money after your full time job.

Your saying as the pay gets less and less. The drivers are becoming less professional. Thats an aspect no one factors in…the responsibility of keeping your PAX safe on the road - major, if you really think about it…

cuz uber is doing a social experiment…You can decline - whats your max distance pickup threshold? And the riders keep treating us like shit hoping to get a free ride I don’t give 5 stars anymore unless it’s perfect

If they are wearing socks with said flip-flops/sandals…we have a problem. Socks with crocs would be the only thing worse. :disappointed:

Yeah I’m still making tips in shorts and a tank top. If they want a “profesional” service, order a fucking limo

basketball shorts, Gucci Flip Flops, black T, unkempt beard, cigar out the side of mouth, pinky ring, explicit hip hop…:sunglasses:

If you want regulations, go be a taxi driver. The whole point of Uber/Lyft is NO REGULATIONS. You work when you want to, when you feel like it, you don’t have an exclusive territory but go anywhere. Besides, what’s wrong with flip flops? Lots of drivers like them because it means not having to do socks on laundry day. Your driving your personal vehicle, not a limo, you’re not even getting out of the car to open the passenger door.

That is a myth. It’s not illegal to drive barefoot or with flip flops.…

Maybe you could quote a state or federal statute?
Or hell, let’s just believe a internet website. After all, they can’t put it on the internet unless it’s true! BonJour!

It’s an internet website dedicated to legal issues. But if you want more sources, here you go:

Is It Illegal to Drive While Barefoot or Wearing Flip Flops In Florida?…/is-it-illegal-to-drive…/

"Although I do not recommend driving with flip-flops or completely barefoot, it isn’t illegal in the Sunshine State. "…/is-it-illegal-to-drive…

“Even though it is not illegal to drive shoeless, should you be involved in an accident you can suffer severe injury to your feet since they are unprotected.”…/is-it-illegal-to…/

So far we have a car dealer, a news station, and a law practice agreeing with me.

The fact is that flip flops are a common choice of footwear. They are EXTREMELY popular. People wear them to dinner, movies, even when flying. For some reason, showing your feet became fashionable. There’s even flip flops and sandals designed for hiking and other rough activities. Even in Chattanooga, in the middle of winter, I saw people wearing flip flops. So anyone who hates flip flops needs to get over it, they’re here to stay.

Well, you haven’t shown me anything legal, just internet websites. How about a state or federal statute. Do y’all know what a statute is?

lets play your game. is there ANY website youd find credibility when it comes to this. would you believe me if i were to search this up at

i give up though my friend i cant quote you one because there really isnt one that even mentions driving barefoot is illegal. so to you, would you kindly show where you got your information of it being illegal?

If something isn’t illegal, there’s not going to be a federal statue saying it’s not illegal. How can I quote something that doesn’t exist?

If I saw a driver wearing flip flops before I got in the car I would cancel ride. If you doubt that there is nothing at all wrong with that, I think maybe you sir, are part of what is wrong to begin with.