How long can I drive on my spare “doughnut “ tire?

(Jerry Hall) #1

It’s been two weeks now since I blew a tire on the right front, yesterday a passenger noticed it and said something about it not being safe.

Today I’m moving it to the other side of the car, so they can’t notice it, how long can these go?

At these rates, I can’t afford a tire.

(Anderson Lee) #2

A donut should never be used for giving rides on Uber or Lyft platform. The donut tires are not for freeways, ever.

My donut blew out because it was ten years old. It was 3 am, and my insurance-paid tow service wanted to take me to the nearest 24/7 tire shop. I had never heard of one.

Went there, and they had me back in business in 10 minutes. The total charge for a used tire, balancing, and installation was $30 :wink:.

(Audrina Jameson) #3

Michael, don’t knock it, but you know those little tire shops on the corner…guess what they sell used tires at low prices especially for drivers, better than a donut my friend! Visit a few.

(Mitchel) #4

I lasted a day on the weekend before someone complained about it… but lyft just ignored the comment. All the dealerships my rental uses were closed, and I wasn’t about to take Saturday night and Sunday off.

(Andrew Martin) #5

Not very long, they are only rated for 50 mph, and you are playing roulette with your passengers. I am surprised you haven’t been reported yet for safety.

(Toben Wonden) #6

No one cares. When I had my taxi, it was inspected not less than 14x per year, and with random inspections, it probably averaged 18. FUber looks at my vehicle one time, and I do not feel it is fair to call it an inspection.

(Harris Frank) #7

If you cannot afford to maintain your vehicle, this is not in any way the business venture for you. You cannot blame Rideshare for your inability to manage finances.

(Jose Hernandez) #8

Just get a good used tire don’t worry about paying $130 for a new one. But you do need to get off the donut they have limited service, and you are never supposed to go faster than 45 mph on them that’s maximum speed they are rated for. Be safe just stop by a used tire store and get one the $50 or less

(Harold Young) #9

And when the insurance company finds out you’re doing rideshare with the donut, you’ll be dropped quicker than you can spell drop!

(Steve Mann) #10

Hey moron, you don’t drive anyone on your donut:

  1. Its unsafe
  2. It endangers not only you and your passengers, it endangers other drivers and pedestrians,
  3. You don’t have insurance coverage.
  4. If someone is hurt, forget the insurance coverage that you don’t have, and get ready to lose your house.