How in depth do Uber check drivers background?

I would find an alternative means of getting my kid home. If I cannot be there for them myself, I will make sure someone I can trust (family/friend) is there to pick them up. Sure Uber does background checks, but really. Has anyone seen a copy of the actual background checks uber does? How far back do they go? Do they do out of state checks or just the state you live in?

Yes thats. Lucky for me ,I have always at least 4 or 5. Never any young teen girls. I would not let my 13 year old daughter ride alone. And I doubt I would even let with a group.

All i suggested is that that uber does have a policy regarding minors unaccompanied by adults. I never suggested he leave the girl there.

What I would suggest for safety when transporting minors is that the sit in the back seat and that a camera be fitted to the vehicle to record what happens in the car. This provides safety for the driver against any allegations that may occur against them.

I don’t think the OP was interested in our advice on whether to let his minor child ride alone in an Uber…his warranted concern already answers whether he’d put his child in that position or not.

No set up or gotcha moment here brother…

It would be interesting to hear people’s solutions. That’s all.

I myself could not leave a child behind. If I did t take them I’d have to wait with them until someone arrived to get them.

The kid has to be released from another adult custody into your custody, and on the other end that kid has to then be delivered into yet another adult custody. You have to unload the liability on the adult who allowed her to walk out of the door of her high school game into the dark.

You have no way to confirm that the person she is telling you to call, or the person who booked the ride is her parent or guardian.

You take her inside and find the responsible adult, and only when that adult, together with the person who booked the ride agree, takes her back to your car and transport her.

You have to behave exactly like a school bus driver.

Is that your problem ? Are you a police officer ?
In all my years of experience as a limo and cab driver I have never driven an unaccompanied minor.

Where did I say I had a problem. This is pretty much about head shedding the issue and seeing what people’s ideas and solutions are about the issue.

So…do you got an idea or not? If ya do t…no big deal. People are just trying to find options.

back before the rate cuts I picked up middle school students quite often. Took them to soccer practices and games.
The only time I was scared was when the stupid GPS took me way out of the area.
Uber got a real nice letter from me that day.

What’s all this attitude ? We are talking about child and driver safety. Cut out the trash talk. Cabbie don’t you dare leave such an important thread. We need you.

What a lot of people dont realise is that drivers of passengers vehicles are at huge risks of having false allegations made aaagainst them. A good driver will always minimize their risk.

The link long time Nyc cab driver posted showed how a well meaning action got totally out of control, and unfortunately as the saying goes "throw enough mud and some will stick.