How I rate my riders?

How I rate my riders

5* = money tip(regardless of amount)
4* = very good and pleasant conversation
3* = average (almost all)
2* = for long waits; ungrateful and unpleasant people
1* = for riders that gives me stress, make me feel sorry I drive for Uber

If a nice rider tells me he/she will give me tip on the Uber app I rate them 1* as well… for lying❗️

This is absurd… and probably part of the reason drivers are seeing ratings drop… a thumbs up or thumbs down is more appropriate in my opinion… but unless a passenger pukes or takes a dump in my car they are getting 5 stars… if they don’t want to talk to you deal with it… if they don’t tip then do something about it… if they make you wait be proactive and call them…its not that complicated…

I agree with you anne this makes no sense, you want rider to be fair but this clearly isn’t

That’s stupid!! I’m sure you get pissed if you don’t get 5 stars. You are an average driver, which my the sounds of it, I would think you are unpleasant, and riders rate you the same, you would be dropped by UBER.

You must be new. Am I the only one that knows that Uber taught their passengers to not tip prior to Kalanick leaving? So you’re punishing the riders for doing something that Uber instructed them?

Life teaches you to tip service.

Well… that’s me. I’m not telling you guys to do what I do. I’m just sharing this for something to think about and maybe make you smile.
What I found out in life is being truthful in discretions helps going forward

I was called by an Uber legal advisor when I reported an unpleasant and unsafe experience. I was told it’s best to rate riders accordingly. It helps them to determine what kind of riders are asking rides from us. They keep track of people with bad ratings from us to keep us safe and limiting Uber liabilities

Maybe I’m new, but I’ve experienced them all from a guy who wants to msdterbate inside my car, to being threatened, to having a suicidal person, just to name a few. Honestly, most of my riders are pleasant. I signed up as an Uber driver for reason beyond earning… to help.
About 1.7k rides with over 1.6k five stars and driven over 1k rides at night bring drunks and some unruly riders safely

Thank you for all you comments

1.7K rides and 1.6K 5 stars??? Who you crappin’? Only about 1/2 of the riders even bother rating drivers so your numbers make no sense at all…

click on your account, then profile. There you will see how many rides you’ve given. That number will be a lot higher than 1700 as you claim. I guarantee you that number is north of 3000. Who’s the idiot???

that correct it’s around the 30-40% of riders rate.i noticed when I was done with the trip I would just state thank you for the experience definitely a 5 star if it was a 5 star and usually they would rate back.

While rating riders is important, we are dealing with a system that impacts drivers more than passengers. Period. A five star driver vs a five star passenger are different breeds… and there are different repercussions. A passenger that gets removed from the system can STILL use the system- with other riders, with a new number, etc. A driver doesn’t have that luxury. I am new… I have like maybe 150 rides under my belt. I have sat with a woman during her mammogram in stage 4 cancer, I have delivered drunk men safely home to their wife and kids… it doesn’t impact shit for me. It’s a job… just be fair and consistent… if you feel like shit and aren’t “in it” for that night, don’t drive…

Wow. I have only rated one guy a three because he made me feel a little uneasy. Everyone else gets fives. This is a little weird.

That call from their legal team was a cop out so they can say that they instructed you on how to proceed. Then if anything bad happens, they are off the hook. It was certainly not a pat on the back. I’m sure everyone rates 5 stars in my area so when I see a 4.1 pop up I know they must be a real douche.

You must be new. Am I the only one that knows that Uber taught their passengers to not tip prior to Kalanick leaving? So you’re punishing the riders for doing something that Uber instructed them? This is actual fact as has been proven from actual Uber history

As long as those who use this methodology realize that you rate them long before they rate you- and they know your rating… I am fine with it. I am a huge fan of just a thumbs up/thumbs down rating system… but riders who base pax ratings on tips will be off the platform before the passengers who don’t tip…

And you all are lowering the ratings to mess up things for other drivers. How do we tell the difference between a rider that’s been rated low because of not tipping or they’re a legitamate jerk. Thanks for complicating things for everyone.

I’ve reported these people to Uber and they do actually follow through. I may do it again. People who think like this don’t understand non tipping is Uber’s fault and not the riders. Proof that drivers complicate everything that doesn’t need to be. These drivers are among the thousands that need to be booted. There’s definitely more than enough of them as it is

Well if they care more about tips than go drive with Lyft and stop driving with Uber. I’ll take their passengers and Lyft was built around tipping

In all honesty I’ve had better conversations than tips. I’ll rate a amazing conversation five stars faster than a ride with a tip

I always tip on the Uber app. I hope my drivers don’t think I’m lying. Maybe I’m wrong for tipping… or wrong for not carrying cash.