How I get cash Tips, almost all the time!

It’s actually possible to be a good driver without being a clown, are acting like you’re Cedric the Entertainer, i do engage my customers in their conversation. If passenger is not already outside waiting for the car, I usually stand by my door and I greet client holder by name. I do not have to offer candy, gum, mints, lotion, hand sanitizer, iPhone charger, Android charger, because these things are already hanging in the back of the seat. After I greet the passenger by name, I confirm their address and I asked if they prefer the windows up or down and if they would like air conditioning, and then I asked how is there day or night, after that I am done with the conversation, I guess stfu and drive, unless they wish to engage me in their conversation

If I were a boorish clown forcing my personality on pax, I wouldn’t have a 4.9 rating and certainly wouldn’t be receiving tips on the reg. Sure some pax aren’t into the kc show. I pick up on it and hush right up. Some pax tip for quiet too!

I actually use the recess in my eye glass console overhead to line it with bills the passengers give me for my tips, this actually becomes part of the conversation in my car when they ask why the dollars are in the console I tell them they are the tips of my passenger and that starts the whole conversation about tips and usually they leave a few dollars…

The OP could be a kiss butt instructor, shameful. Before the car moves, he’s spending 5min asking the entitled pax if they need conviences. Plus he said he gets cash tips on almost every ride, completely faslse. Most pax don’t even carry cash, let alone tips. He may fool some newbies, but not This seasoned Uber driver here

Everytime I’m in a crowded pickup location like North Hollywood or Santa Monica for example, I never failed to see some uber or Lyft driver with passengers already in car still sitting there for 1 or 2 minutes, while I’m waiting for my passengers to come to my car, what in God’s name are you drivers doing for one or two minutes with your passengers in your car, what are you doing…

Personally you have to read the passenger. Some want to talk, some don’t want to be bothered. When a driver goes over board trying to get a good rating I consider it just as annoying as a driver who ignores you.

The key to cash tips is who you are driving. I usually get cash tips from tourist and older folks. Let’s be real millenials aren’t giving cash tips just because you plugged in their phone.

How about eliminate steps 1-10 and put up a tip sign. I’ve done that and made $100s in a few weeks in tips. Wording is key. You don’t want to come on to strong. I live in MA where a lawsuit against uber resulted in us being able to put up tip signs.

i hope you’ve got a lot of water in the car for yourself, after asking all those questions every, single time you must be quite parched.

99% of the time pax don’t give a hoot about mints, gum, water, phone chargers or aux cords. To receive stellar ratings and earn the occasional tip, arrive as fast as possible in a clean and well maintained car, provide a friendly greeting so pax knows you’re cool, confirm destination and then drive quickly and accurately to their destination using the nav.

Some pax like to talk and most do not so be sensitive to that fact. Everything else is a nuisance and a waste of time. The longer you drive the more you will come to understand this.

You need to stop spoiling these creatures. I get the fact you’re new to uber so it’s understandable why you’re all positive about driving, but your riders will treat you like a servant if you let them.

They’re already spoiled and getting the cheapest chauffeur in the world. You may be getting a few tips, but you’re basically just getting reimbursed for the bottled water and candy you spent out of your own pocket. You can do what you want, but it’s sickening to know there are drivers that treat their riders like royalty for pennies.

OP, they are giving you tips because they are embarrassed for you and know you are pathetic! I had a driver one time that did about half of what you said and I was ready to get out. Stop ruining it for all the other drivers and just drive the pax to where they want to go, they don’t want to talk to you anyways.

I get between 20-50% tips on any given week. Sat night I got tips from 16 out of 20 and one trip was a 50 mile 1.8 surge, they requested surge because they had no cash to tip, so I could claim 17 out of 20. Definitely an anomaly but I consider my tip totals pretty good. Of those 20 trips, I got a $20 and 2 $10 and I think 4 $5 tips… the rest where 2-4. Looked like I pulled a shift at a strip club.