How I get better more 5 stars and tips

Fist thing I would like say is I’m like an airline of wheels cause I not only provide complimentary water for my rides I also provide complimentary snacks like, hard candy, mints chips gum and little bottles of soda. I currently only have charging for iPhone but if they bring their android cords they can charge phone or other device and I will be getting rapid chargers. I got some magazines that rides are free to take and I will be going to to rest stop to get some of the free information on what’s to do in my area for people visiting the area and people that haven’t been here long, everytime you go to airport to get ride load their stuff and asks them how they doing and how was their flight and open doors for them it will go along way, even if you don’t do it for anyone else open doors for your airport rides you have to give your city a good image. If you drive for uber or lyft or both remember we are not a Taxi we are an experience like no other not only a way for rides to safely get somewhere but to the community of rides feel like they matter and every experience should be a good experience for them. Any tips y’all can give that might help me or other drivers please comment below thank you all and always get your riders safely to where they need to go.

Does you tip revenue really make the extras you provide profitable? I ask because I roll with a 4.93 without stuff, so if the margin isn’t there for the free stuff, it doesn’t seem to be worth it.

A friend of mines exactly what I said with the Snacks and drinks and every time he Uber’s he averages about $80 in tips but put also it’s going to be different with everyone but even if they didn’t take anything every ride I have had from common people to business people just visiting my city have always been impressed with the stuff I offer my rides I try make my riders feel special they are always impressed by the complimentary items I offer

My customers are mostly business clients. I think the last thing they want in my car is a bunch of clutter. I keep my car immaculate. No candy, water, snacks of any kind. They are looking for a clean experience, not a rolling convenience store.

But to each his/her own. I rock a 4.96 rating and have always received great tips. I didn’t feel the need to “fish” for stars or tips.

Clinton dunn of course were are taxi drivers dont lets nobody fool you we are providing rides to customers from point a to point b and get pay just like taxi drivers do

I am currently a 4.94?driver. I get 5 Star ratings by pushing the long pedal on the right when someone wants to go some where and pushing the square pedal on the left when we have arrived. And it doesn’t cost me anything more to operate and I don’t have to clean up their trash when they get out.

I used to carry water bottles. It didnt effect my ratings or tips so I stopped. I’m a 4.99

I’m at a 4.95. Never provided any snacks. Average no less than 10% weekly in tips.

Each market is different… I drive small town, big college for 5 trips per hour with 4 pax all the time. Extras would be a pay cut if I add junk and slip to 4 trips per hour.

I give out diet and regular ice cream u will just need dry ice

Sorry. I hate to break it to you, but you are one giant sucker.

I barley have enough money to feed myself so. I ain’t gonna feed other people who are either rude, smell like swamp nuts, or drunk

You shared a really nice tip there, bud. You basically gave us a primer on what not to do.

Ditch the water in the snacks all it does is cost you money. The best way I am seeing to get good ratings and or tips is to have very good conversation with people.

Ratings have zero bearing on your earnings whatsoever. Tips are extra, and are EARNED by providing a safe, clean, and comfortable ride. That’s it

I provide 3 Asian hookers, free bags of blow, and find coupons for the STD clinic :slight_smile:

And I don’t give them anything but a ride. You’re turning a 25 dollar an hour job into a 14 dollar an hour job.

I bet I already made more in tips than you not doing any of that today

My husband said the trick to tips is to let them talk about themselves :woman_shrugging:t3:

Bout to go home. 9 hrs 40 min. And indidnt have to suck dick either