How does Uber's Destination Filter Works for Rideshare Drivers

Uber has a unique mapping aid that offers drivers a chance for extra income while driving towards their general direction. This service is called destination filter, and it is used widely and freely by all Uber drivers.

To be succinct, Uber drivers, at the start of their shift, as well as during it, input the direction they want to drive to and the Uber app sifts through all the requests being made by clients. The driver is then directed in a general direction and offered pick-ups on the way to where he is going.

Since many drivers like to find new areas of work, the destination filter proves to be a very useful tool. Also, since it allows the driver to make six destinations per days work, the driver can keep one for the start of a shift and one for the way home, which will maximize his income. Another consideration is using the destination filter to avoid long parking waits, by choosing a destination, a driver has a better chance of finding work while meandering to a particular point on the map, then by sitting around waiting for calls in a standard stop.

Let’s take a closer look at the destination filter:

Setting a Destination

The destination filter sits in the Uber app and is operated once you turn on the app and enter the destination filter feature in the app. The driver sets a destination and drives off towards it, if, during the drive to the destination, the driver gets no rides, the driver gets a chance to set a new destination. A driver only uses up one of the destinations when a ride is taken during it.

State Boundaries

Don’t expect the destination filter to work all over the world, or even in every State. The app will only apply itself to your state, the place you are licensed to drive in. Once you input the destination you desire, you will receive an in-app icon which is a star inside a circle. It indicates that the driver has set a destination. The app will then show the driver that it is finding matching trips in the status bar of the app.

App Limitations

The destination filter app sets a 75 mile limit for destinations. It doesn’t mean you can’t drive more than 75 miles; it means that when you reach the end of your destination, you must input a new destination that could be a further 75miles away. If you don’t receive any rides during each leg, potentially you could drive for thousands of miles. Although leaving your state would be an issue for the system since it won’t work across state lines. It is not such a good feature if you live close to a State line, it means you have only got three map points to use, rather then four.

The Destination Filter GPS

Since the destination filters job is to supply you with rides towards your destination, it will not offer you rides that are behind you. It will, however, give you a 180-degree window so expect rides that will take you left and right, but all ending up in the general direction the destination is set for. It also sends the short driver trips, filtering out the long ones or the trips that would take the driver in the opposite direction to where they want to go.

Filter Setting Options

We suggest you set the destination filter at the beginning of every shift and the end of every shift. It is also a good tool for exploring out of the way places, so use the destination filter for explorative drives and enjoy the scenery on the way.

When using the destination filter at the end of a shift, the driver assures himself of getting a possible ride on the way home; this is always useful for adding a small extra income before retiring for the day. If you don’t want any rides on the way, don’t use the app, turn it off. You don’t need to damage your rating by canceling rides.

Benefits from using the Destination Filter

  • Additional income generated from small rides that the app sends the driver on the way to your destination. These incremental rides increase daily income and in fact boost the driver’s ego and general feeling. You should make the use of the filter a more enjoyable option.
  • When using the destination filter, you are in fact registered as driving for money, which is a tax-deductible mile. Therefore, using the filter six times a day is a good option to increase your tax deductions for those miles you drive without a passenger.
  • Even when using the app, surge prices are still applicable as well as hot-spots and prime time. If you use the filter and you hit a surge, just enjoy the moment, it doubles the income and proves what a wonderful addition this is not the app.

Issues arising from the Destination Filter

  • Drivers waiting at airports or driving to airports cannot start a destination filter and cannot include an airport in the direction.
  • The destination filter will not work with guarantees of boosts, so if you have a guarantee, don’t turn the filter on, it won’t work.

Extra income made by activating the destination filter at the beginning and end of a trip

We have mentioned this a few times in the article but will re-iterate one final time, turn the destination filter on when starting a new trip and also when finishing a shift. The income generated can add up to $30 each way, which is a $60 addition every day. You do not need to be a genius to add that up to monthly and yearly income.