How does Uber calculate their commission?

Can anyone tell me how does Uber calculate their cut out of a trip I know how hours are $0.97 a mile and $0.15 a minute how do they figure out that cut? Does anyone know?

Uber charges the passenger whatever they want. You don’t get any cut of it. You get paid what you agree to drive for. They are buying the miles for you at wholesale and then selling them for the highest price they can.

You get 20% or 25% of the time and mileage. Anything above that which gets charged to the passenger, you don’t get.

Your question is like asking what cut of the beer sales does Budweiser get at AT&T Stadium. They don’t get a cut; they get paid for their beer.

The problem is, Uber still advertises their per-mile and per-minute prices. For passengers. You can go online and ask for a fare estimate. So I punched in UTD to DFW and got a quote of $35-44. And hit the little “?” near that and it shows a breakdown of all the parts of the fare. So as a passenger, when I get an “Upfront price” of $65 with no surge, I have a right to be a little pissed, don’t I?

You get 75% (or 80% if you’re an elder) of the time, the miles, and the base fare. And any surge/boost in effect. That’s it. What the pax pay to Uber is completely irrelevant as far as driver pay. It’s calculated on those factors only.

Our pay has absolutely nothing to do with what the customer pays, why even worry about that, we pay Uber 25% of each ride (based on mileage, time, boosts, etc.) to use their platform, simply as that.

Why do you take the time to dig through the app to see what uber is charging the passenger? Your pay is at t he top of the app. If you dont like it than bevvome a doctor.