How does Uber and Lyft scheduled rides work

Something new has come to town, scheduled rides. Both Uber and Lyft provide this service there is some difference between the two services, but not noticeable to passengers.

Here is a review of both services:

Lyft Scheduled Rides

A passenger will open the app, picks a date and time by pressing on the clock symbol at the bottom of the screen which will send them to the ordering screen, where they can input the date and time they want to be collected. The place is already set by their position on the map, and the pickup is usually with a 10-minute range.

  • Cancellation
    When the customer's ride is within the pickup time range, they will get a notification reminding them of the ride. If they cancel within 30 minutes of the scheduled ride, they will incur a $10 cancellation fee. The closer a cancellation is to the actual pick up time can be an issue. If the driver has already driven ten minutes and is close by, those $10 might not be a good enough compensation, especially if the pickup point is in the boondocks. If the pickup point is at an airport, then at least the driver might compensate them with an airport pick up.

  • Fare Rates
    Lyfts pricing states that the customer will be priced according to the time they made the request, which means that they charge a set rate based on the moment the ride is confirmed. This might be a gamble for both parties, but it sets the price for the rider.

  • The Driver
    If a driver is online, then they have a chance to accept a scheduled ride. If a driver is not online around the appointed time of the pickup, Lyft will select a replacement driver that is close to the customer's address. If you are on another ride at the appointed time, the same thing happens, but this will not damage the driver's ratings, it's just unfortunate to accept a ride and then not show up.

  • No Drivers
    Since Lyft drivers are given a chance to accept a scheduled ride ahead of time, as the request comes in, the chances of no driver being available are thin. If this does happen, then Lyft assigns a new driver. If the passenger is not at the designated place of pick up, well, they could find themselves without a ride, but that's their problem, not the drivers or Lyfts.

Uber Scheduled Rides

Uber shows the passenger a where to button, when pressed the button the screen moves to a date and time choice option on the same screen, passengers get a 15-minute range.

  • Cancellation
    When the customer's ride is within the pickup time range, they will get a notification reminding them of the ride. Uber does not charge a special cancellation fee, but the usual cancellation fees of any ride are relevant. At least Uber drivers don't suffer the outcome of cancellations the same way as a Lyft driver.

  • Fare Rates
    Uber states that their rates are dependant on the time of pick up, which is sensible and reasonable. The customer understands that rates are dynamic and can change during the day. This way the customer has no real idea what this ride will cost until the moment of the pickup.

  • The Driver
    Drivers of Uber don't see the scheduled rides at the time of booking, the system stores them in the memory and then releases them some minutes before the ride should take place. Drivers, treat the request as a standard request, which means all the same rules apply.

  • No Drivers
    This rarely happens since the system shoots out the ride requests as they do any other ride, the probability of no drivers available or accepting the ride is very low. Unfortunately, the passenger that is left standing can only be upset and complain, but that won't helps them get to where they need to go.

Third-Party App

UZURV is a third party app that allows riders to schedule rides with Uber or Lyft. I don't know how branded this application is, so how much passengers know about it is unknown. However, UZURV offers a specific schedule partnership, between a rider and a driver. This is useful for drivers seeking repeat customers on a scheduled basis and is quite good for setting a weekly schedule ahead of time.

UZURV is only a third party app; it does not provide rideshare services since it is a good pairing solution, drivers should also embrace it and offer it to customers that might need such a service. That way drivers can build up their client base.

Once the rider has scheduled a ride, they will also have to request the Uber or Lyft app this is done by standing next to the care when requesting so that the driver accepting it is the closest, in this case, the driver that is the rider.


Scheduled rides are a good addition, and with both ride share company apps working well, it's a good addition to the many features being offered to drivers. With Lyft you have to be careful of cancellations, even if you get a cancellation fee, it sometimes doesn't cover the distance you are driving to reach them. With Uber, since it's a standard request, the normal cancellation rules and fees apply.

The fact that Lyft offers specific request time feels an issue since prime time prices are not factored in, and that can reduce driver incentive unless it has a prime time fee linked to it. With Uber, this is not an issue since the ride appears to be a standard request in any event.

I’m not certain about Uber, but Lyft DOES NOT guarantee a driver will get the ride, even after the driver has accepted, and is in the ride location on time.