How does Lyft determine mileage and toll information?

(Donna Harris) #1

How does Lyft determine mileage and toll information? I had a trip this morning where the rider indicated I should take him through a toll. I have no idea what Lyft’s route said. When I looked back at the bill once the ride was completed, it did not reflect that I’d taken the toll road. Lyft support said my route didn’t require one, but they gave me the money after I complained. I’m guessing that they are using the predetermined rate to determine mileage rates and tolls and if I deviate from that I won’t see the difference.

(Paul Garcia) #2

Lyft should add toll roads automatically but does not add toll/express LANES. If your rider requested a toll lane, I’d dig up the toll receipt & request they add it, but they may reject it depending who you get.

(Donna Harris) #3

This was not a lane. Definitely a toll road. Good to know though.

(Sharon Green) #4

What is paid by uber/Lyft never covers the entire amount for me anyway? I have no idea where they get the amount from, but it hasn’t been right yet.

(Harry) #5

I’m not so sure they know what they’re talking about. I recently had to take a pax home and used a toll road. I submitted the info to Lyft along with a copy of the receipt from the toll collector. A rep from Lyft tried to tell me that the toll fee was already added into the rider’s charge but since Lyft doesn’t itemize each ride we have no way to know if the toll charge was added. The Lyft rep said she would manually refund me the toll charge. When it comes to toll charges, I smell a rat.

(Timothy Clark) #6

I have only taken a toll one other time with Lyft, and I believe it was itemized. Also, I was able to see that I was just paid ~$24 for ~22 miles, so I knew something wasn’t right.

(Harry) #7

Well, then Timothy you are fortunate that you got an itemization for a ride. I have yet to see anything with a breakdown showing the amount paid for miles and amount paid for time plus any incidentals like tips, tolls, etc. The toll charge was $0.20 which I wouldn’t normally worry about, but it was a $20 ride, and the rider didn’t even bother to tip.