How do you handle your funky/smelly passengers? 😂

Nothing nastier than a passenger who smells like they smoke a pack of cigarettes every hour & the food they brought into my car is some nasty & smelly Chinese food in a discrete white bag.

Breathe through mouth, open window. When they get out, drive around with all windows open hoping the smell blows out/away.

Food in trunk. As for them, not much you can do while in your car. Cancer stick smokers have no idea how bad they smell to a non smoker

I hate when people get in my car smelling like weed…what if I was a cop I could search u…lol…just spray something so it’s Not so Dam strong smelling I’m Not against it but Shit spray…

Good thing you don’t drive in Co. Its gonna be legal soon everywhere so get used to it.

Oh n the worse one I had Was a guy who smelled like old alcohol, puke, n the poopies…I tried Sooooo HARD NOT to throw up…I had all the windows down…

Lol i just left a message about it. Headed home to wash the cushions

I have a small spray …it’s clove,pepper I spray it during the ride but at the base of my seat so the pax doesn’t notice…I keep spraying til they get out depending on smell

Another tip get a match or two light it then blow it out in car with windows up the smoke with soak up the smell ASAP

I rolled down the windows on one guy. He was stamping out a smoke as I pulled up. Came in the car reeking. Ride the whole way with air washing his smelly ass. When he asked why I told him. He seemed to understand. Like he had a choice.

I smoked for 39 years and honestly had no idea how it smelled to nonsmokers or how long the smell lasted. I have to remind myself of this when I get a smoker in the car so I can be kind and understanding. Then it’s febreeze and windows down after they leave. But I make sure to febreeze the upholstery because the smell gets caught in the material.