How do you handle repeat customers who want to retain your business?

For example, over the past few weeks I’ve been driving out to some house off Buford Hwy and letting a guy there load a couple of bags in my trunk. Then I drive to the destination downtown and someone else unloads the bags. Like I said, they’ve tried to tip me after, but I told them I didn’t want to do anything illegal/unlawful so I didn’t accept the tip. This has happened maybe 4-5 times so far, and it’s generally a nice $20 ride.

In order for me to have 75 rides a week so lyft can let me using their car for free, when I pick lady at the grocery market I help them. Load bag in the trunk and carry bag to their front door, I gave them my card with number on it, I also gave my number in my neighbors, all you do is come to them and they request you through apps when they in your car, I used to pai d a lot money for uber xchange car lease but not any more. I am now get free car from lyft for 75 rides.

Drugs? That didn’t occur to me. I hope not, because that would probably be illegal or unlawful. It’s probably not drugs, though. A few of the times I thought I heard noises from the bags when they were loading them, so either they were squeaky bags or some kind of small animal.

If this is real, I hope you never get pulled over. Seems ironic. You’re being used to transport unknown contraband, and yet more concerned with the legality of a perfectly acceptable tip.

Lol… no tip but on the bright side,b If you were picking him up from the bar, you’d most likely get an invite to some dark secluded area for a romantic, alcohol scented, he let’s bang ! Then you’d be expected to drop him off, off app of course, a few houses down the street so his wife didn’t see a woman dropping him off…

Yeah, cash money… your normal take home fare plus 35%

Also don’t be stupid, ask to see inside the bags

For me is easy because I live in Boston , i have build my customer base and the college student use lyft line too. Some time I had up to 86 rides per week.

I have found that in the summertime Uber in my area, (Chicagoland) is a joke. There are to many college kids running daddys car for service. Thank goodness school is starting again. Uber in summer stinks. Uber pool is a scam on drivers seeing that everyone picks pool and when they find out you are picking uo someone else they scream and give you a bad score. Don’t they know what Pool means?

So when I see uber surge in Boston , I driven there than turn my lyft app on , lyft request so crAzy and when I pick them up they look their face like won the lottery , and that how I got a free car from lyft.

Another big secret is to make sure you take every ride, and even if it takes the pax 20 minutes to get in the car, do NOT cancel…must wait for every pax for best customer service and ride count

Good call. I had another call yesterday from the guy and I asked to see inside the bags. When I did, he lifted his shirt and showed me a gun tucked in his waistband, so I guess it’s firearms, which does make me a bit concerned.

How does Travis sleep at night, knowing that people sign up for uber, believing they’re going to make a living and take a few months to figure out they’re only making less than the minimum wage, if that?

Travis is not sure about his jobe so why we think this is a regular job. uber is only temporary job , The government can suspense Uber at anytime they want to. Uber is not a real job, you don’t know how long is the next pick up. Uber is a part time jobs just like working at Mc donald.

The ratings seem like a scam when 1 in 10 seem to rate you poorly with no feedback on what you can improve, seems more like Uber wants the class fee so a driver can get reinstated. Had a rider no show other day, I canceled after 6 minutes waiting next day hour and a half for one base fare trip.

Most driver don’t mind and love to drive for uber even for free, because they don’t have a boss, they paid to uber so they can meet new people. If I see a pretty girl image on lyft , I will drive 7 miles to pick her up and say hello to her,

Many guy told me that they drive for uber just for fun because in their market uber charge only .45 cent per mile. Some time they borrow money for gas to drive for uber.