How do I get myself off this VIP thing without messing the rating?

My rating took a beating. 7 day rating is as a 4.5 yet another haven’t done anything differently. I can’t see myself doing much else to appease riders. No way I’m jumping out to open doors or offering water. I’m friendly, professional and a safe driver. The only bonus I offer is gum which no one takes anyway.

I hear that if you contact Uber customer service and request that they remove your VIP status, they will do so.

I’m a rider, not a driver, so I hope no one minds me posting. I just thought some drivers might like to hear an update from the back seat. I just received my VIP email last night and haven’t tried it yet.

I’d like to believe I get pretty good passenger reviews. Many drivers have told me I’m getting 5 stars, maybe because the GPS is wrong in my neighborhood, and I have no problem walking them through the directions.

Anyhow, I always order UberX, and recently I’ve noticed I’ve been getting some pretty nice cars anyhow—Escalades, etc., so I wonder if there are some more algorithmic things going on here. Maybe it’s just a coincidence. The VIP option, according to the fare estimate is the same price as UberX, so if I have an extra few minutes I don’t know why I wouldn’t try it.

Uber has never admitted to ping preferences based in business goals at least not that I am aware of. But it’s biz 101 to take care of your best customers. so I agree and believe there are algorithmic things going on. Enjoy your perks!!

Lol some schmuck in an escalade sees an incoming vip ping and he’s on his way with a smile hoping he sees a celeb or something and its just some other schmuck that just uses uberx all the time.

This obviously tells me your market doesn’t have a lot of drivers…A market like San Francisco or L.A has thousands of drivers.Yours doesn’t so they can’t expect the same criteria.

I’m in the VIP program and have only done less than 100 rides. I think they just base it off your rating and then pair you with riders with those same high ratings as well. My only worry is that I’m being offered less rides now to be more readily available for the VIP riders? Not sure though.

VIP pax are simply regular riders that use Uber frequently enough to qualify (nothing more). In my experience, they are no better / no worse than anyone else and none of mine have ever tipped.

I’ve always assumed that VIP riders are less likely to tip as they take so many frequent rides that it would be pretty expensive to tip drivers. When I see a VIP ping it’s the same as any other ping to me and I ignore them just the same based on time/distance.

Yep you are right on everything you wrote! VIP pax just use Uber often. In the Atlanta market, it you must use Uber as a rider 10 times a month to be VIP. These pax are no different than any others and I have definitely seen some with below 4.0 ratings.

How do you opt out of VIP? I never saw an option to opt out. The email from Uber tried to make it sound glorified.

I agree with taking care of your best customers, but have you noticed the fares for a VIP rider is cheaper than a regular rider. Which means less money for the driver!

VIP riders have the option of requesting Black or uberX VIP so your car shouldn’t surprise them. However, they seem to think that being VIP means they get some kind of special treatment (or discounts) when it does not and every CSR hates their guts.

I would believe drivers that give over 200 rides a month and maintain a rating of 4.8 and over should qualify for a so called vip status.As for the riders the equation should be about taking certain number of trips in a month,irrespective of the rating.

For drivers it’s 4.7 or above rating over the past 500 trips. For riders, they have to take 100 trips in that particular city. Then they become VIP for that city ONLY.