How about this for an idea that Uber will never consider:

What if riders were charged cost price + 10% for the water (covers extra fuel used for carrying around a 24 pack of water)? I know we pay through the nose for water here in Australia - I get my 24 packs for $7.00 or around $0.35 a bottle (600ml) - that’s about as cheap as you’ll see it here. If a pax knew that taking a bottle would cost them 40 cents (probably closer to 20 cents in the USA) - do you think they’d still take it? Considering here in Australia, if you go to the service station or convenience store, you’ll be charged closer to $2 for a bottle of cold water.

Lol of course nobody would want hot water… I’m sure you’ll save tons in un-bought ice and hot water that nobody wants, but what’s the point in the end then? Either do something right or don’t do it at all.

I used to carry room temp water bottles and placed a few in the front passenger door storage area. I found the worst and usually most obnoxious passengers (the ones that insisted I follow their requested route to the letter to save maybe 50 cents) asked for water, while the polite and cordial pax riders did not.

Would it be illegal or frowned upon if us business independent contractors had the charging cc app. And have candies water and soda but independently charge our passengers?

No, neither would be illegal but those swipe programs are inconvenient to use and if you try and sell things the pax have been told you “should be offering for free”, you can bet they will give you bad ratings.

It’s Sunday I’m not getting into taxes but I was PAID BACK for my water expense, so stop using false analogies about what you “think” is going on. Forest from the trees, really?

The water that is in my car is cool, room temperature bottled water. The stuff in the boot, well it get’s hotter because it’s not in direct air con, but it will get cool eventually when it’s moved into the car to replace taken bottles.

I’m just not going to any extra trouble to keep it cool. If it’s a hot day and pax to continue to take bottles of water, well then someone later on is missing out on a cool drink because I’m not running a bed and breakfast.

I will put it like this without getting into details, my tax return covered the cost of the water. Paid back. Small business tax payback, done talking about it. Not worth my time to prove it lol and really don’t care

Giving water and mint to riders may or may not affect your rating depends on the riders mood.
I agree with all the drivers that with the low rates, drivers cannot afford it anymore.

Has anyone cancelled a ride where only an underage pax shows? Since we can’t carry them without the app holder accompanying them to me that should qualify as a no show and we get our cancel fee.

Yes, last time it happened was last week. I No Showed the trip as the account holder did not show or present transportable pax at the pickup location they requested.

I do rides from a local boarding school several times a week. The kids are wonderful and I always earn 5 stars. The school and the parents encourage the youngsters to ride Uber and Lyft. And I enjoy these kids because they’re polite, respectful and they know how to tip.

I rarely get asked for water or snacks/candy anymore. Back in the day, sure, I offered it up without even any prompting, figuring that it would get me tips or at least a solid rating. That proved not to be the case. Once the rates were lowered, I cut expenses and snacks and water was the first to go.