Hopefully Uber lets them know the importance of a car seat

I’ve had 4 people just this month try & get into my car with babies without carseat . Latest lady about 10 minutes ago wanted me to give her and her NEWBORN a ride without a carseat…

for those of you who also cancel these trips for safety/insurance etc purposes, what action do you take beyond collecting a cancellation fee? I’m honestly sick of these piece of shit moms putting their babies in danger.

It’s aggregating. I wish I only had 4 lol… if I can I report to Uber/Lyft. Lyft will actually block the rider from ordering. Here the cabs can legally take them so I tell them to take a cab. It’s ridiculous how many don’t want to protect their children.

uber doesnt do shit. I dont take as many lyft rides so I haven’t called yet. I also suggest cabs but they always ignore me and reorder before I go offline :rage:

This happened to me last night. I just straight told them I couldn’t live with myself if we got in an accident and their baby didn’t make it. I shouldn’t care more about their baby than they do. They apologized and went inside and got the car seat. Half way through the ride they took the baby out of the seat and I told them again she can scream all she wants, she has to stay in the seat. I really hope I got threw to them because they thanked me and I received $18 tip. I still reported it tho. Hopefully Uber lets them know the importance of a car seat

Had a lady wanting to go to the airport with a 6 month old and a 3 yr old and not seats!! It was 1hr 30+ and she tried to tell me uber said nothing about it! She didn’t understand why I wouldn’t take her. I told her lady, I wouldn’t take my newborn down the street without a carrier! Canceled and moved on to the next ride going to the airport! Screw those people that are too stupid to ride without car seats!

I had incident last month whereas a family of 6 with 3 babies under 3 I told them the Devil is an almighty liar and no to the 10th power.I left them standing on Gallatin Road Inglewood Nashville TN. #Iwilltakenofor500alex

I’ve had to cancel on the same woman 3 times in a 1 month span. It got to the point where I wouldn’t even drive to her location just cancel when I saw the name/address. I guess enough drivers did that to her so she either changed her name or used someone elses account and I accepted one day. I pull up and she finally had a carseat. Took her to the destination and the stupid bitch 1 stars me out of spite! All I can think of is if she 1 stars enough drivers her and the kid will be walking in no time.

call Uber have them block you from her and tell them why. Your time and money is valuable.

Last time I called it sounded like the lady was at home doing dishes. I heard water running and shit clanging around. hahaha

I won’t even unlock the door but I did ask Lyft about it because I was canceling on them Lyft told me to have them cancel instead

Happened to me last week. It was a short ride, but I didn’t know what to do and accepted. But next time I’ll refuse, because if something happens surely will be my fault/responsibility…

The parents are at fault not you. But if you are stopped by a member of law enforcement you will get a ticket #youdeservebetter

we learn as we go. I took a few kids in the beginning without carseats and then I really processed what I was doing and the full extent of the situation

I don’t take them, but I have cancelled do not charge rider if they are understanding, not pricks about it. I call it a learning lesson for them. The thing that sucks, along with the under 18 that got driven to where they are by another driver, now they are stranded by a driver that didn’t follow the rules, they get PISSED!! Too bad.

A good friend of mine started driving for Uber a few months ago, he didn’t know the under 18 thing until I told him. He’s a smart guy, Vietnam Vet, now he knows. I didn’t know that when I started either, it was actually on this forum that I learned it. Like a lot of people, I was just anxious to get started and didn’t read the entire TOS.

I always collect cancel fees. If these fools dont care about the safety of their children, my time/effort/gas/money etc, then fuck em.

I email Uber/Lyft to let them know. Hopefully they will send them an email explaining they need to supply the chair. Most say it only a couple of minutes away. I say, I would never ask you to break the law for me, are you asking me to break it for you? All have said no so far.

uber never does anything at all. Lyft I dont drive with as often so I havent encountered that yet.

Thats a very good response!! I will use that.

I keep a current copy of the CA DMV book. I tell them I am not going to risk my license, insurance increase, and my and child safety at risk as well as a civil cause of action, or jail time if an accident results in death.

I pulled up to a women and she had her baby in a stroller. I’m thinking no car seat. The car seat ended up being part of the stroller. She unhooked the carseat and by the time i put the rest of the stroller in the trunk she had the carseat all buckled in. This trip was in a low income area so I dont think this contraption is too expensive. It would be nice if all pax knew about this stroller.