Hope they have bail money and attorney fees saved up

This fool just told me they rather date a dope dealer then a Uber driver, because driving isn’t a real job! I hope don’t they hire Phaedra ass, she ain’t won nan case she’s tried yet. The sad part is a lot of young mfs think dope is a career…yea a career in prison!!

I just cut the radio up on our trip to the Marta station after picking them up from the Darlington! My exact reaction, then I realized the age and convo was over!

What’s her number!!! I’m a real dope dealer…i got baking soda, Tylenol, and advil on the low That was a junkie you was talking to​:joy::joy::joy:

So I guess truck driving isn’t real?!? Cabbies aren’t real?!? Marta drivers aren’t real?!? Damn guess we need to find real jobs then maybe we can be one dope dealers :joy::joy::roll_eyes::joy::joy::joy::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: ignorance of the young ones today. Sad!

Unfortunately, MOST people view Uber as a side gig. I have had several people ask me what esle do you do besides Uber. Truck drivers make more money than Uber drivers. Marta, offers full benefits, 401 k, tuition reimbursement and promotion to better paying positions. The closest to an Uber would be a taxi. Uber is not meant to be a career job. However, it allows you cash flow and flexibility to pursue a career or build a business for self employment.

Tell them to ask the woman who hit the lottery and in a matter of months she broke because she had to bail her drug dealing boyfriend out of jail on several occasions. #FixYourSpirit

Oh my​:neutral_face: I guess they can go visit their dope dealer in jail or plan the funeral!! Hope they got life insurance :joy: I guess dope dealers got that real retirement fund!!! Ira, 401k, penision, stocks and bonds. :joy:

It’s real pay though. Just like avoiding accidents on the daily. Dem real too. Not to mention a real full bladder in gridlock traffic, or being downtown and hotels refuse to let you use. That’s real too. Like the funk and like stains in a car. Man…kick boulders.

Should’ve told her that you’d rather have a real dope dealer’s girlfriend as a customer because they tip better. A pocket full of money day to day… everything in “my momma” name. No assets or real property…fresh gear, living in the projects… the lifestyle of a low level dope boy

anybody know of any places that’s hiring and training​ dope dealers?? … I’m looking for a real job ASAP. …:roll_eyes::smirk:foh…:joy:

Most of the time, does anyone ask where one get his money from before he pays for a date or purse! Nope! He don’t ask her where the money came from that she bought his Hennessey or socks with!

Some broads will deal with anything to be taken care of instead of taking care of they do selves sounds like they just want dope haha Knowledge and Common Sense equals Power
The lack there of equals a dumbass

You should of said that the uber driver has car and apparently her drug dealers sales are down bc she she had to call uber man to man up when he couldn’t lol