Here's the workaround. Leave the uber app on even if doing a Lyft fare

If you get a request, accept it and continue with your Lyft fare. The uber passenger while either cancel when they see you aren’t headed their way, or you might be able to finish your Lyft fare and still make it to your uber fare, or worst case scenario you can “cancel rider no show”. It’s shady but not as shady as uber, right?

LOL had this happen twice tonight. Was on lyft calls when an uber call came in. I just accepted… finished the lyft call and then did the Uber call. Easy. I used to close the app I wasn’t on a call for… not anymore. The customer can bloody well wait or cancel. Their choice.

If Years Eve didn’t open up our drivers eyes nothing will. It was such a flop from all the hype build up for the biggest night of the year. Then we all actually were able to see the actual full force of just how many drivers there were on the grid.
That should have really opened up your eyes to the fact that our cities were flooded and saturated with drivers. It all came together on that night.

Uber is evil.
It’s worst than al qaida or Dick Cheney.
It must and will be destroyed.

Sad but true. It is something when people make the conscious decision to drive because they need the cash flow. But what is worse, is those people who continue driving because they can’t (or won’t) do the math and don’t realize that they are making so little, or actually losing.

Well most of those folks dont check emails. Let a reality check hit them when they do a DFW run for $20 something instead of the usual $30 ish.
Dont even get me started on the old $5 now $4 minimum fares

Also, Uber’s spin doctors carefully buried the lead in that email. You have to read it very closely to see that it’s actually a message about lowering fares, and the bit about guarantees is just a smokescreen.

Uber didn’t need to lower rates, people already like it as it costs less than a taxi, they can use credit cards

and are stick of the type of people and servive they get from cabs most places. So they already use Uber

and lower rates won’t make them use it more.

would you still drive for uber at 90 cents a mile if they had tips? Not me. there’s only one reason why people are not riding as much as they were a month or so ago… It’s because it’s too f****** cold outside

I’m not just quitting. I intend to let Uber know that I am telling everyone I know, and asking them to tell everyone they know, and so on, to use Uber’s competitors.

We already do that for Lyft & Uber in Chicago. You can only do this for part time cash here. I’ve been busy with other stuff after the 1st, so I haven’t even gone out since NYE.

I actually am in the process of interviewing for a full time job, and I now have a few offers for short term contracts on the table. I’ve always said I’ve been driving to fill in the gaps between contracts and only started back in October - so it’s always been 90 cents a mile to me in Chicago.

I already accepted the new rate but planned on not driving. Was it possible to drive without accepting the new rates? It is crazy how worthless this job is, unless you are driving with a broken down old car.

I’m not sure that people are riding less at all. The only source we have for that is Uber. The fact that there are less trips available is just as likely due to over-recruitment of drivers.

I’m guessing never, or almost never (though I don’t care to research rate history for every city).

Raising rates of anything in a competitive market (especially when you’re competing on multiple fronts, against taxis, limos, personal cars, rides from friends, and even feet) is very, very difficult without fallout.

My 2008 Honda pilot w/142k miles is only worth about $6,000-$7,000. It rides nice, has been well maintained, has leather seats, etc., but I think it could still be classified as a broken down old car in terms of its cash value. But even at an estimated expense rate of about $0.26 per mile, I wouldn’t make a profit under uber’s new rates.

How is a Pilot an “X”? They claim to hold 8 passengers (pygmies or little Japanese people)
I had the displeasure of getting one in an XL request, the guy paying complained and got the fare refunded when he stated that he couldn’t get the six riders in the one vehicle and had to call a cab.

Uber never keep their for saying “these are TEMPORARY price cuts” BUT, they will keep their words when it effects them like 5% commission rate was suppose to be temporary just like the temporary price cuts but the temporary price cuts stayed BUT THEIR commission rates went back up to 20%.