Here's a trick to try

Wait until the day of your court date and call the court claiming family emergency and have them give you a new date. Often the cop will not show up on the new date since your case will not be when he has many tickets. (Cops write the same court date on all their tickets so they are not in court all the time) Show up for the new date and hope the cop doesn’t show. If he is a no-show, your case might get dismissed because the cop is not there to tell his side of the story.

I’m four for four on trial by written declarations. I would think since it’s holiday time the cop might be busy and/or feeling generous and not send his part in. If that happens then you win. If not try the strategy suggested above for the court date.

BTW…don’t count on the cop not showing up. It’s mandatory 2 hrs minimum every time a cop acts as a cop in any manner. You can easily rack up a days worth of ot just going to court.

Now you must reschedule you court date at least 10 days before your court date. And you have to go to court to do that, NO EXCEPTION…
And now they look in the book to see when that same cop has to appear in court again and schedule you on that date.
What your talking about used to be way back when cops had to use their paid days off to appear in court, now they get paid for it and so the county’s work more efficient to make you pay!

I would go to court expecting the officer to appear. He testifies first, and you get a chance to ask questions. Go back to the intersections and take pictures / videos from all four directions, so that you will be prepared to draw a diagram showing where he was in relation to your vehicle.

Uh…yea…actually they do. They just do it on duty as part of their job. Should they have no time to finish it in shift they can have a supervisor approve the OT.

There is no official duty an officer can be refused pay.

That’s where you made the mistake. You already explained to us why it shouldn’t have been a ticket but it sounds to him like you just wanted to argue instead of explaining to him in a way that makes it sound like you know what you’re talking about.

The correct thing to say is that your wheels and tires had already crossed the limit line and that you were already committed to the intersection before the light turned red. You say it like that and he’ll know that you know what you’re talking about.

Just tell the judge he cannot fine you or give you points as this uber is a new technology and is above the law, and has your back and that he is having none of it…seriously, just explain what uberdude2 said to the judge, prolly would get a dismissal. sadly, no guarantees tho…

We have a law in Canada that we have a right to s speedy trial. Our system is so backed up that it takes longer than 8 months to get a trial date. With that in mind I need to file the legal documents 30 days before the trial and do a bit of running around delivering the legal packages. But when it gets to trial I ask for a stay in the proceedings and it never even gets to a plea. It’s just dismissed.

Only had to fight one ticket 2 years ago for an left hand turn during a non turning time. I got a trial date set for 60 days…fastest they have done that. I asked to see the officers notes on my ticket and he didn’t have them.

CA version says “reduce speed and move over if possible” or words to that effect. It is not just for cops, but includes other emergency vehicles, road crews and tow trucks, provided vehicles have emergency flashers on.

Both those tactics are like you said, to make it inconvenient for the cop and hope he doesn’t respond. Thus getting the ticket dismissed. Here in California you have to request the county seat at the time you receive the ticket. I don’t think it can be changed afterward.

I can see how that’s not very believable, however when driving thru nj last year, I learned that making left turns is about as simple as parking in NYC (or any other big city). So when comes to anything in that state, the more unbelievable it sounds, it’s most likely true.