Here is the PERFECT Uberx vehicle

. This 2012 Toyota Prius for $13449. The thing which SUCKS about NYC TLC is that all vehicles over 5 model years face mandatory retirement. The only cars you can consider for NY work are now brand spanking new. If you decide to go with an older model in NY there is less time to fully make it work for you. However, in Jersey, I believe there are no such rules. I think you can use a car as old as 2004 in Jersey.

Lets say you wanted to do this exclusively in Jersey. Get something like this car. You can go with the cloth seats and soldier on with them or go to a local car upholstery shop and they will convert it to imitation leather seats for less than a G.

Here is what I make during a 30 mile trip to Newark Airport. $50 for the typical trip. At 32 mpg average, I use about 2 gallons worth of gas going to and from. The tolls on the parkway a few dollars. Sometimes I dont just deadhead back to base, but pick up a few more on my way back. Now I could get higher mileage by using techniques like cruise control at 55 mph all the way down. Airport customers I find dont want me doing that. They want me to go as fast as I can to get to their flight. I do violate the speed limit and move with the flow of traffic in that regard.

Easy there Sub. Cracking under the pressure of keeping the facade up? Of course we won’t get $hit because your $2k week invoices don’t exist. Your claims are as fraudulent as Travis K’s.

Don’t blow a fuse…You brought this on yourself.
You couldn’t put up the proof.
And you wouldn’t shut up either!

Look at how much of a loser you are chicabby. You dont drive a taxi or drive anything. All you do is sit here on the board all day long trolling eating wings. You dont make dime one. You aint getting ****! Im calling you out.

It would probably be healthy to be banned. The regulars dont drive, they just troll. They sit here eating wings and trolling the forum. They dont even have a drivers license.

Now you are going to call me Sir, after calling me every name in the book!
I wasn’t the first one to ask you to post your pay statements, and I wasn’t the only one either…There were prolly a dozen other members who asked the same.

I think you are nothing but a troll so you deserve every name in the book. All you do is post to the internet, but you dont actually drive. I know you have nothing to show me because you dont drive. You just post and keep posting. You are up every hour posting posting posting, but not driving driving driving.

Im out every single day driving. You are on this message board every single day posting…not just to this board but every single one you can find out there. I found hundreds of boards you registered on. Now who is the fraud fatman? Since May you have posted 3500+ posts to this board alone. Alone! In fact, the posts come hourly all day long each and every single day. You cant tell me you were driving during that time.

I know you trolls want to be treated with respect along with the legitimate posters but you wont be getting respect from me. You guys claim to be drivers but all you do is post here all day and all night long. I saw each of your messages and this is probably not your only alias. Thousands of messages across multiple forums under different ids. My only question, where do you find the time? Why?

I only drive when there are surges in my area. Won’t get out of bed unless it’s a 1.8x or better. Doesn’t make any economic sense otherwise. Why burn out my car for $1.10 a mile? It’s idiotic.

The fact is that at 4am Im going to be on the road. Im not going to be on 13 message boards posting like a madman. Thats the difference. Some here are experts on these message boards, but they dont drive. Chi1cabby is an internet troll. He may have knowledge of whatever but he doesnt drive.

You’re full of **** Suberman…show us 3 receipts of consistently making Net 2K.
The Uber Black maybe doing it in Manhattan but not us NJ uberX drivers…

The real strategy is not to drive for Uber at $1.10 mile because you are only making Uber money and not yourself and depreciating your car even faster. Strategy is to drive only surges. Anyone who suggests other is either ignorant or an Uber shill.

You are not going to get any fares hanging out at that Quik Chek in Rahway. In the morning I start wih wealthy suburbs trying to get a city or airport dump. At the end of business I hang in business and industrial centers. Drug companies for example. Someone always needs a ride. All roads usually lead to Hoboken so thats where I end up. You dont start in Hoboken…you just end up there.

You dont use a new car for Jersey. The 13000 dollar 2012 Toyota Prius seemed more like the car you want to use. If you put 100k miles on it, it will probably depreciate to 6-7k.

For NYC TLC the only car you can use is a new car because of the 5 year mandatory retirement rule. If you dont go new than thats one less year you have to use it unless its on the clean air list which might give you another year or two.