Here is a good example of why math, even the most rudimentary form of it, is important

I decided to eat at Waffle House today. I figured if I’m going to eat carbs, go all out with it. So I ordered the All Star Breakfast. $7.10. I added cheese to my eggs and an extra sausage. The total I came up with in my head was $9.50 plus tax.

When I went in to pay, the cook told me my total was $13.90. I asked him for a breakdown of what I was being charged for. Turns out he had charged me for the two sausage patties that already come with the basic meal.

Always pay attention. Don’t just hand over your hard earned money without making sure you are being charged correctly. The same rule applies for your fares. Make sure you are being paid the correct fare so you aren’t cheated out of anything.

Maybe this is a thing they do at Waffle House. Shaunte Mitchell and I went to one and they charged her for the cheese that already came in the eggs.

Waffle House related reply… LoL

I don’t eat eggs. I used to order ala carte at WF. I’d get a waffle, sausage or bacon, and a large scattered and smothered hash browns. It costs more to do that piecemeal than to get the All Star, which comes with bonus toast, and just toss the eggs that I’m not going going to eat anyway. LoL

Break down the price for whom? Me? I know the prices, hence my total being $9.50.

I don’t see anyone getting smart here…

The prices on the menu:

$7.10 for the basic meal.
$.50 for chocolate chip waffle.
$1.00 for cheese on my eggs.
$.90 for the extra sausage patty.

No way in hell I would pay $2.75 for a single piece of one ply sausage.:joy:

Still not the $13.90 that he originally told me. So thanks for proving my point.

So still wrong ain’t no type of meat under a dollar they prb just gave it to you to shut up since wh says customers are always right :worried:

So now I can’t read a menu? Ok.

Please explain how we both did the math together and got the same total? $9.50. He apologized profusely because he charged me way more for the sausage than he should have.

I get that you work there and that you are defending the place. But by your logic I should have just paid the $13.90 and left, even though I knew I was being overcharged.

I used to eat at Waffle House all the time. They’ve increased their prices to a ridiculous point over the pass 2-3 years. They burned my steak the last 3 times at two different locations. Used to love them. I can’t anymore.

GameStop is a rip off. Only buy brand new pre-release or games just released there, if you buy any. Get used games off Craigslist, letgo, offer up, fb yard sale groups, etc… Way cheaper. From time to time they also have games just released that people bought and didn’t like.

I didn’t know they did that on Amazon. Cool. I like presales for the posters, beta release, Free DLC content etc… Can you get all that through Amazon?

I dislike buying digital downloads simply cause you can’t resale them. I know you can sue your user id to others as a way to resale digital but I like to keep all the medals I’ve earned.

I was Trading … I only use them for hardware and only when I have something to trade …but you are so right about them being a rip off … thanks for the advice in lieu of …

I don’t know if you get posters from Amazon. but Amazon sometimes have their own DLC exclusives. It just depends on the game. But you have to be a Prime member to get the discount.

Growing up in cali we wld come here to visit fam and my grandparents from time to time and Waffle House in our minds was EVERYTHING! We’d go into la la land talking about what we were gonna order weeks before we even got here lol now tht I’ve lived here 13 yrs and counting with having had plenty of Waffle House meals I can truly say Waffle House is pure ROT GUT!! Haven’t eaten there in years lol, I think it’s the grease they fix their food in. I get sick every time… just the smell alone whn making a pit stop in there to go to the bath in between rides makes me soooo nauseas​:weary::mask::mask::nauseated_face:

Yeah waffle house will mess you up if you change anything.
I’ve noticed lots of places do that. I noticed it when I first started working with door dash and Postmates. Some privately owned places charge a few cents to a few dollars over. You gotta watch folks. I think the wanna make the the cash drawer over at the end of the night.

Waffle House just need to upgrade their system and stop letting employees add the total. I swear no matter how many times I order the exact same thing I get a different total.

No saying they can’t add or whatever but obviously it’s to easy to make a mistake. Even if I’m undercharged which has happened I’m going to be pissed next time I go and have to pay more.