Here are some solutions the Kool-Aid drinkers will not even suggest

  1. Order your Uber 20 minutes before you need it. If he shows up before you’re ready make him wait.

  2. Next time you get this guy, let him know your situation. Maybe get his direct number so you can call him way ahead of time to let him know you need a ride and, wow!, make an appointment?

Use a little Ju Jitsu and turn this situation around to your benefit. Because this driver is so near to you, you actually have a private driver.

Because of bonus terms he may have been driving for 10 or 12 hours and trying to get some rest but still leave the app on to accumulate hour, and maybe it takes him a while to saddle up. Or maybe he’s lazy?

There are a lot of good and bad reasons it’s taking so long. But please don’t ding this guy for a job that pays him less than $12/hr and and taking on a ton of risk to give you a very cheap ride wherever you want to go.

If the app says 5 minutes and the driver shows up in 20 you have a reason to *****.

Uber is built around great service, not great pay, or good tips, but we all know we must get to the ping in the fastest time possible.

The driver should beat the estimate by a minute or more in most cases.

This happens to me ALL THE TIME! It’s so frustrating. And I’m a driver! Sometimes I’m in a rush, out to meet someone for the night, and would prefer not to drive (so I can drink). If it says that the closest car SHOULD take 10 minutes to get to me then I’ll wait, but many times it’s 5-10 minutes before the guy even leaves his house!

This is true, I understand. Trust me, I’m a pretty patient guy. However, I live in the same general suburban area and so I know the traffic patterns quite well.

I greatly doubt that for some reason there’s bumber to bumber rush hour traffic in the suburban housing complex the guys been sitting at for 10 minutes.

What is making me look sideways at this thread is how divided drivers are. Some are saying to give the driver a chance & some are saying get Uber involved, screw the driver. What’s even more crazy is that no single person is either right or wrong.

I found that the time uber suggested it would take me to get to a rider was often a bit too optimistic, in many cases adding 5 to 10 minutes to the arival time would be more accurate. However if they are only a couple blocks away it shouldnt take too long.

I will never again feel guilty about the minute or two it takes me to grab my purse and book I’m reading (in case I wanna hang out where I end up between rides), lock my door behind me, get situated in my car and get it going. Anything more than about two minutes sitting at their house seems unreasonable to me.

I try not to sit at home, but if it’s going to be hours between rides sometimes it just makes more sense. Either way, shoes on, jacket on, keys out and ready to lock the door, driver should be out and in his car in less than a minute.

Don’t rate him 5 stars for service that bad, he should be able to soak a little ratings drop if he isn’t terrible all the time. Tell him the issue, and if he doesn’t clean up his act tell Uber.

I drove uber for a while, but they deactivated me due to acceptance rate under 85%, which is blatantly against their contract terms (the contract states explicitly that a driver is under no obligation to accept any request). I have filed for arbitration against Uber because of this. My advice: read the contract and don’t put up with Uber’s crap. I got a couple of text messages from the local office about my acceptance rating, so I replied back to the texts to read the contract and eat a dick.

It only charges if the driver is on pace to arrive within 5 minutes of the original ETA and 5 minutes after the original request, so if the ETA is 3 minutes and the driver does’t respond within 8, no charge to the pax. The charge window in his case is pretty small, only 3 minutes.

NEVER, ever rate a fellow driver one star. For ****'s sake, man. You don’t even know his circumstances, and I have to wonder how many trips you even have, to think the app car tracking is accurate enough to take a dump on the poor guy’s rating over.

Did he pick you up? Did he drop you off? WTF else do you want for $1.20 a mile? If want someone to pick you up sooner, move to the ****ing city. You hustle because there’s other hustlers nearby. He’s the only game in town. If you don’t like it, ****ing walk.

That driver is just being lazy plain and simple. He doesn’t care. He’s doing it on purpose. As a driver you should be in or outside of your vehicle when your phone is on not in your house making a sandwich. He makes all of us drivers look him.

Completely agree. When i pick up pax in my neighborhood they complain about the same issue. I tell them that I will always be in or next to my car if I’m online.

Maybe there should be a setting called ‘Sunday’ drivers.

I agree with everyone, he is being lazy. When I log on at home, Im all ready to step out it takes me less than a minute to get in the car and start driving once I accept a request.

To answer your question, let Uber know so they dont match you again and if they still do take the ride give him a two stars or call him if he does not get to you in five minutes.

Perhaps take a drive with him and tell him your concerns / complaint. You seem like a reasonable, decent person. Maybe try having a heart to heart with the driver and you might be able to work things out. If that doesn’t work, go to plan “B”.

Give your business to ones who work hard to deserve it. Drop the address near other drivers. As soon as they accept, tell them immediately that you want them to your actual address. Explain to them why you did so. If I work hard my b*** off, I want to be matched with riders like you. You don’t have to tell the driver to correct himself. He has to figure it out. This thing he is violating is one if the only 2 rules we Uber drivers have to follow. Other rule? I don’t know what it was!

I actually like this approach and someone else mentioned it as well. Ill give it a shot cause like you said and despite what some have suggested while trying to be helpful, frankly I dont WANT to have to be the one to “correct” him. It will make future rides awkward and honestly its not my place to have that talk.

I was commuting into Miami for a few weeks, it was over a year ago. Most mornings I’d see a Tesla in traffic, and lots of afternoons I’d see it heading north on a rollback. :^)

Beautiful car, larger than I imagined, but obviously had an issue, or maybe he left the lights on.