Helping passengers at Verizon

I’m starting to believe surge is also generated by the fact, a lot of drivers don’t know where to pick up passengers at events. I spent an hour last night helping passengers at Verizon. They would pass me the phone and I would ask, “Hey… where are you?”

“I’m on Hembree Rd, can they walk to me?”
“They won’t let me turn into Verizon from Old Roswell”
“Cops got the entrance blocked off”

This was on speakerphone while the passenger and I were watching cars drive into the pickup area. One guy told me, “I’m not driving there, they can walk to Encore Parkway.”… I asked “Should he leave his wheelchair at the box office?”

He hung up on me. Meanwhile, surge stayed consistent, because drivers simply couldn’t figure out where to go. There should really be at least a 4 hour training class when you start rideshare driving. To at least cover things like RAA, event pickups and how not to stop your car in the middle of the road in Buckhead.

Man!!! They act like they don’t know how to get to the main entrance! My first time up there I didn’t have a clue but I figured out where that main entrance was!

That was me on Friday dropping a pax at the CNN center for the dentist major conference . I had to ask a cop for directions but was able to figure out where the entrance was. Oh, well then I’ve never been to the Verizon’s center for a drop off

Yes, I was in that area last night and cancelled the 3.9 and turned off my app. With cops blocking the streets, you have to know where to be and how to manuever. I don’t have the patience, therefore I cancelled and left the area.

Does the venue have signage for both the concert goers and the drivers? That would help. Sometimes we as drivers get pulled out in unfamiliar territory.

Even if you can get the Uber drivers to not stop in the middle of the road, the taxis are going to block it up. The only times I have ever had to stop in the middle of the road in Buckhead are when drunk aholes cross the road or because taxis have the right lane blocked. So the 4 hour class wouldn’t really work then? Sounds more like a venue issue than driver ignorance.

Nope they’ve changed the pickup location several times. You just have to know the venue. None of the venues should be unfamiliar territory to and driver. Main entrance is key…It would work because the driver would know how to get to the main entrance. Get there all is fine

What makes you say that? I drive part time. I know the venues that I regularly work quite well, but I wouldn’t have a clue how to work Verizon because I haven’t been there.

And Ashley just said they have moved the pick up place several times. How is knowing the main entrance location going to help if that’s not always the pick up spot?

MAIN ENTRANCE!! All of the information is there, roll the window down and ask questions. Verizon is nothing when you get to the entrance AND the pick up spot has always been in the same spot since I’ve been picking up. The main entrance is a good place to go. But you have people that go to the nearby apts and the call center. Your best bet is go to the lot they direct the drivers too.

not that new it’s been 3 years I’ve been picking up. I do remember them sending drivers to business parking lots to wait but I never picked up from there. Yes it will if it shows the driver how to get around the road closing. They are always closing the same roads. Tell the driver where the official pick up area is, how is that not helping?

I disagree. In a 4 hour class, that would be mandatory before driving, I would make sure every driver had a hang tag. I would explain the rules of the airport. I would explain where to pick up at Mercedes, Phillips, Lakewood, Suntrust and Verizon. I would even probably give a simple test at the end to make sure they understood what they just learned.

I need to learn how to get in and out of these venues. Im definitely 1 of those ppl who roll down the window, ask cops, and have pax on the phone trying to maneuver thru the chaos, when I know there’s an easier way.

FYI…Waze is not going to work when working events, due to the fact that cops block off streets. You pretty much have to know back roads or get there early, park and sit in a spot where your pax can get to you. I have had in the past, $50 and $60 Verizon pickups. Back then they did not have all the road blocks. But now, they have too many blocked roads.

I work up there so I I’m familiar with the area because it’s a usually a lot of traffic when I go to lunch so I’m aware of the side streets and how what connects to what.

Savvy pax know where they need to be to get picked up but they are few and far between.

I picked up this chick and her mom Friday and the people beside them were waiting on someone for 10 minutes. I had just got their ping 4 minutes earlier.

I don’t think there should be a training class no one trained us we had to figure it out by preparing everybody wants the money but no body goes out and rides the areas when nothing is going on

That happened to me Friday night, I couldn’t find that pick up area for NOTHING, everywhere I turned I was blocked off. Police officer had to give me directions. Took me forever to get to my passenger. I hunh I. There for that 3.8 surge although it was a pool! Lol

Sooooooooo you present a “problem” that generates surge and suggest drivers be trained to prevent this “problem” therefore preventing surge… if your theory is correct and ride share companies implement training wouldn’t everyone make less money???

I’ve come to the conclusion that ride share is absolutely nothing without surge and prime time… whatever creates surge and prime time is a blessing.