Helping a mom with 2 little kids to their destination


(Garrent George) #1

Yesterday afternoon I picked a pax a young woman mid 20’s maybe. She started to load my trunk with trash bags of clothes. She went back inside and brought out 2 small children one car seat. I was about to cancel the ride till she took off her sunglasses 2 black eyes and a swollen face. I couldnt leave those 2 little kids with the monster that beat up their mom. I took them to their destination.What would you other drivers have done?

(Christian Odom) #2

I would have taken her in a heartbeat

(Lisa Markee) #3

There is always an exception to the rule. This would be the exception. But I also carry a car seat in my trunk. Just in case.

(Jack Dolen) #4

I’d cancel the trip so you aren’t dealing with the legal side and risk of being deactivated.

Then I’d take her for free because it’s the right thing to do.

(Mark Moore) #5

Then you get some friends together and go back and get all the kids toys and such.

(Kelly Hector) #6

Uber could care less about the riders situation and would deactivate you if you were to get pulled over.

However tell any cop what was going on and they’d probably let you go, if they didn’t find a way to get the lady a free car seat for the other kid

(Bector Ernest) #7

Or you could just put in the app to refund the fare, if the suggestion is to cancel the trip and give them a free ride anyway.

(Melinda Foster) #8

You can still get in trouble by police, but it’s not likely. I’m a carseat crazy lady and carry one of my own that I would’ve used in this case but if I had to take her from this situation without one I would.

(Jonathan Green) #9

I feel like I’m having a deja’ve cause either you posted this last month or someone else did, word for word :thinking:

(Peter Nelson) #10

I would of had her buckle up with the other one and went on my way no questions, poor momma trying to get her kids somewhere safe

(Harold Young) #11

I would have called the police while putting her in the car and have doors of my car locked until the police arrived

(Dennis Scott) #12

She’s doing the right thing. Drive her somewhere safe and leave it alone. Getting DSS involved is no joke and they will et involved

(Allicia Lopez) #13

Thanks for doing the right thing. I WOULD HAVE done the same thing.

(Jerry Hall) #14

Taken her. If the cops said anything they would have let you go I bet givin what happened

(Timothy Clark) #15

I still would have taken them, considering how dire her situation is and the fact that I’ve been in a relationship like that myself and understand the situation she’s escaping from.
Depending on the age of the kids, I keep a backless booster in my trunk for my 6 year old daughter, I’d just get that out and offer it to her for her kid if they were old/big enough to use it.

(Harris Frank) #16

Cancel the ride but take them no need to put your job in jeopardy if the abuser reports you to uber and there is no way for the abuser to find out where she is by looking at the uber receipt.

(Eric Moore) #17

The same!!! I’ve taken the risk before. You never know the situation and I couldn’t live with myself thinking I left someone where they weren’t safe.

(Jill Aron) #18

Drop her and the kids off and dbl back to see if the bully is still at home and go beat his ASS!!!
Because if it was my mom, sister, daughter, niece, friend I’d be at his doorstep instantly!! #Facts:100::muscle:

(Jose Hernandez) #19

Definitely gotten her out of there. Then i would have asked if she wanted me to notify the police. I would have given her some money. Did you take her to a shelter or safehouse?

(Anderson Lee) #20

I’m a die hard “no seat, no ride” driver. I’m a mom and i care about the safety of children.

I’ve also been an advocate at a domestic violence shelter. This would’ve been one of the very very few instances that i would have transported them anyway.