Heads up Lyft drivers

The owner of Pep Boys owners Lyft. I was told that they will do away with drivers using personal vehicles. They also own Enterprise so will instead make you rent a car to drive for Lyft. I just paid $20 for inspection to drive too. So glad most of my fares are Uber.

Lyft is not owned by pep boys, there is no intentions to a change in lyfts business model. Personal Vehicles are what makes Lyft function and due to legal regulations Lyft can not own the vehicles driven on the platform, whoever was telling you this was misinformed.

Also Our rental agreement is with Hertz not enterprise :wink:

Nothing to worry about.

So glad to hear that news. An employee of Pep Boys said he just attended a meeting concerning this info. I’m new to Lyft so was a little upset.

Um. Not sure if you noticed. But Uber has made it no secret they cant stand drivers. They cant stand when drivers make money and thet think we are an unecessary inconvenience and will replace them as soon as the law allows

yes she was complaining about lyft and saying she is glad she mostly drives for uber… this comment was pointing out uber is horrible too.

I don’t see how anyone can make money if they have to rent a car. I think Lyft would lose 95% of their drivers if this was true.

I averaged $400/month last year for my rental… that’s cheaper than if I had a car payment, insurance and maintenance.

I notice the OP is from Alabama. Now I know why your State is last in the nation in education.

Who pays for inspections? If you know anything bout cars you can do your own inspection and then make up a place and name you had inspection done. Thats what i do.

This guy has invested $3 billion in pep boys, lyft and hertz. It was his plan to have the rental hubs inside pepboys. He doesn’t own the companies though. That may be where the info is coming from. http://www.autonews.com/…/carl-icahn-hertz-lyft-pep-boys

Good thing he’s a close supporter of Trump.
It means he knows how to run a business