Having puke bags is good investment

I highly recommend the puke bags from Amazon. First they deny - no I’m fine, with their heads hung low… that’s when you get the bag out. Next, they put their hands over their mouth… and say, no i’m fine… you better have the bag in their hand by then… pull over… if they can’t get out… tell them… PUKE IN THE BAG… toss that puppy as soon as you can… get them out of your car fast. Their head is spinning.

I use ziplocks. The big ones. Mine are orange. They are in my car and available in plain sight. I also have a sign that mentions them as in "please don’t get sick in my car, but if you feel like you are, please use the bags in your seat pocket in front of you.

I saw some “emesis bags” on amazon 24 pack for 12 bucks
I have been lagging purchasing and I hope. I don’t end up regretting it. Will try to get some soon. I would say they are worth it. Taking a huge change by not having something. Not looking forward to ever having to clean up chunks, pay a couple hundred out of my pocket until reimbursed, having a nondrivable vehicle and losing potential money, etc

I’m torn between the two listed above. Hmm, which would be better? But do either of them close or will the drunk puke in them and spill it anyway?

It would definitely need to be something the person can open and get to quickly.
Ziploc bags were my first choice, but I bought lunch bags in white with lining. I don’t think they would work well. And so the drunk gets sick in which ever container you use, then what? Toss it out the window?

And the closest I came was “miss? can you please open the window and turn up some rock music?”. I was yea, I’m supersonic getting you home.

My 2cents, the care bags because of the gel feature… I have had experience in ambulance work and operating small boat while in the navy… Bags in the navy had a gel feature that was really good, no sloshing vomit in a bag

You will never get to use any of them…@$$holes never tell you that they need to puke. They just pull down your Windows and puke in the car.Even when you offer them a barf bag they say they are ok, then 5 minutes later they blow chunks all over your car.

They don’t always pay out that much. Uber gave me $50. I lost two days of work because the vomit leached into my plastic door panel and I couldn’t get it out myself.

Absolutely worth it! Ive had two pax need to use them. I got free “thank you” bags that they use in convenience stores. Nice and small. Got a box of 1000 free from the warehoise next to mine, it was freight damaged and they were gonna throw them out.

Then i bought 100 paper lunch bags for $2. Plastic in paper, roll and fold the top. Perfect barg bag. $0.02 barg bags that have proven to work like a charm!

In the pocket Behind the seat just like where you gind them on airplanes. Once it gets late where i get drunk pax, i always physically point oit the bags and advise to get them ready if they even feel a little sick. Im 2 for 2 on successful usage now.

Emesis bags are a life saver, really a mandatory item if you’re driving bar hours. I’ve given these to a handful of passengers (just in case!). If they look ill whatsoever I hand one back as a precaution, better that than a huge mess.

Depends, I have a few paper towels in the glovebox if pax bring in food (2AM drunk food, I deal with it as surge is usually 3.0x). Then I have a trunk organizer in the back with paper towels, Windex and cleaning supplies as well as my DC car vac. I recommend the auto towels versus Bounty or household towels.

They don’t tell you they’re going to puke. But I put a couple of plastic trash bags in the back just in case. The one puker I did have managed to get the window down and puke outside. It was easy to clean up.

I never bought the expensive barf bags. $10 a pop, no thanks, especially as the above mentioned about the EMT, they will probably use two.

I tell all my pax that too, but sometimes the puke doesn’t come at a convenient time. Both times I’ve almost had pukes, both times I’m driving 70mph on the highway. Both times they managed to keep it contained in the bags until I managed to pull over somewhere safe. My bags costs me $0.02 per bag.