Having a commercial policy offers the most peace of mind and covers

I spent over a month looking into insurance, taxes, depreciation, fares, surge, etc. before driving with a TNC. I bet if you asked 100 drivers, maybe 10 of them would understand the insurance and are at major risk. Those people are naive (well, foolish really.) I do understand the risks. Saying everyone needs commercial livery insurance is asinine. If this is your 100% full time job, then probably a good idea, but most people on here do this part time. $6,000 more or less is not possible for a great deal of us. I know my insurance policy and I am covered and have it in writing.

What this means, of course, is that if drivers truly understood what they were getting into, many would understand it’s simply not worth the risk and would opt instead for a part-time gig at Home Depot.

The risk factor is up to each driver. Understanding the risk is another. Unfortunately, most drivers are ignorant of the risks. If home depot let’s me punch a clock whenever I feel, I’m in!

I’m planning on getting one, just other budget priorities are getting in the way. The one I’m looking at is fairly well hidden so I don’t need to take it out after parking for the day, and it records front and rear views of the car. Doesn’t have infrared LED for inside the car tho…

Using an action camera has a dashcam long term is not recommended. The large battery will fail after constant charge/discharge cycles, and can balloon up from the direct sun or parked car heat. It’s also not very stealthy or meant to be permanently installed as an always on set it and forget it DVR appliance.

All the quality dashcam products will have a super capacitor rather than a battery. (and you rely on the car power) The purpose of a battery or capacitor is so the last file segment being recorded at the time of a major accident is gracefully close/written to the memory card. (and not corrupted)

I’m thinking of getting one but all the places here want atleast $100 just to install and they’re asking if they can punch a hole or two in my car’s interior in order to do it so…ehh maybe not.

I have a Black Box G1wc with a capacitor instead of a battery which is good in areas where there is a lot of heat. Batteries degrade internally, leak, or even explode in real high temps like here in Vegas… something to consider.

All of the cars that the company I’m with have cams but I’d have to look closely to see what they use.
They have a button on the bottom that you can hit and it takes 20 secs of video both forward and rear. Ten seconds before an impact of event and after.

I just installed one about a month ago.
$120 front facing and rear mounted on the mirror to record the pax for safety.

Now I drive with it on even on personal time. I love it and am happier than Michael Jackson at a Harry Potter book signing (RIP)

I wouldn’t mind upgrading to one that is about $300 that has a connector for my vehicle computer and can show if my blinker was on, speed, brake light engaged, etc…

I picked up a G1W a year ago after a minor fender bender (their fault, but they lied). Probably one of the best full HD quality cameras despite being $50. Records 9 (or 16 hours, I forget) hours continuously.

Cansonic310. Awesome night vision, 1080p, versatile, programable resolution and toggle on/ off interior audio. 20 hours recording time on sandisc extreme mini sd. easily transfer all data to my ext 3TB HD. $85 amazon

Say if someone cuts you off or is driving recklessly, what can you do now other than flip them the finger or curse under your breath? Rating a driver allows all Nexar users to be aware of the potentially dangerous (and safe) drivers around them!