Have you ever lost fares or had issues due to language differences?


(Peter) #1

I need feedback from drivers. We have created an app that allows a driver to communicate in over 120 languages and accents before the rider gets in the car and while they are in the car. The rider doesn’t need an app and each person uses their own phone to talk in their own language to the other person. I know drivers in other countries may have more problems but I’m trying to see if drivers would benefit from this technology in the US. It will even talk out loud in the background so you don’t have to touch your ride sharing app. Hopefully folks can provide feedback. Thanks. www.translatelive.com

(Operating System) #2

Never lost a ride or had problems. Sounds like your product is based on the Google Translation engine. One time I did have some Korean Riders and I had to tell them that I had to do a detour and so I just said hey Google how do you say I need to do a detour in Korean and it spoke it right to them and they were very excited and happy to be informed. I’m not sure we need another app to do what you’re talkin about. Also I’d be very curious to see what permissions your app needs.