Have any of you dealt with this specific situation before where your account was hacked into and it affected your ratings?

I have been an Uber/Lyft driver for almost 4 years (next month with be). Pax always ask me what the craziest thing has ever happened is and literally I have nothing to brag about. I’ve had a few interesting experiences, but nothing that is going to blow their mind. When they insist I share something, I try to and they seem unimpressed… Umm… I told you? Lol :joy:

Then, out of the blue, I tried going online this last Saturday (the 5th) to work and the app logged me out. I tried logging in and the app said it didn’t recognize my email or phone number. For the first time in almost 4 years, something crazy actually happened–someone hacked my account.

I asked my girlfriend (who drives uber eats) to look up the Uber support # because you can’t view it unless you’re logged in to your account. I called them to report the issue and didn’t hear back from them. I got a notification on my phone saying Uber replied to my inquiry in the app, but of course I couldn’t view it because I couldn’t log in. Tuesday, I called again because I still hadn’t heard anything from some special department and they escalated it. Over the phone they confirmed that my email and phone number had been recorded as something else. They also said that Uber had sent me a message in the app and I replied and said that I didn’t need help anymore (I didn’t because I couldn’t log into my account) To move thing along more quickly, I decided to just go ahead and go in to a greenlight hub.

At the greenlight hub, they were able to help me fix my phone number and email, changed my password. We also discovered someone had changed all the banking info under the name “Michael Emery”. This person also worked under my account and acquired 3 1-Star ratings that I didn’t have previously, found a way to duplicate trips, manipulate the tipping to give himself hundreds of dollars in tips. Or he just made up the trips and gave me 3 1-Star ratings himself. I’m really not sure how he did a lot of the stuff he did. And sure enough he replied to the support message from Uber.

At the greenlight hub, they were able to get most things sorted out except the ratings. They told me there was nothing that could be done with that. I had a 4.92 rating as of Friday. Now someone hacks my account and I have 3 more 1-Star ratings than I had and I’m supposed to accept that? My rating dropped to a 4.9! Although that is still a good rating, that’s not my rating. I asked the lady what would have happened if the hacker had dropped my rating below the deactivation point and she said in THAT situation, Uber might consider doing something about my rating to get me back on the road, but because my rating was still good they weren’t going to do anything about it. So she essentially admitted that Uber CAN do something but won’t.

Does anyone have any advice on what to do? Have any of you been able to get your ratings changed for any reason before?

That really sucks. I know it’s not your rating, but 4.9 is still a hella good rating after 4 years of driving. Your ratings only reflect your last 500 trips, so once you do 500 more trips those one star ratings will fall off. Good luck and I’m sorry that happened to you!

Thanks! Yeah it just sucks because I’m a full time architecture student and only work weekends during the semester or when I’m on break. I’ve done over 3,000 trips in 4 years, but it could take me up to a year for those to fall off.

It happened to me twice if you have the rider app go back to the green light hub and have it deleted. Change your email address to a new one and use it only for rideshare as well as set up a google voice account and change your phone number. They are getting in through your rider app the both work with the same information but there is less security to change your password through the rider app

no problem it’s a pain I was locked out for several hours overnight the 800 number is no help they racked up over $1300 in rides

Wow! Yeah this guy did a little over $700, but of course it was all fake. He was tipping himself like $50-$100 each time.

Holy cow! I’ll try the rider app thing. Good suggestion. I’ve never given my information out to anyone so this person was able to hack my account without any information.

o and keep an eye on your email u will get notified when your password or information is changed and you can start to combat it when it starts

In this instance they changed my email! So I actually didn’t get notified of anything because all email communication went to the email they changed it to.

These hackers are really good. Recently I ran across some great videos on you tube where people are hacking the hackers. One guy like 15 has a virtual pc and a folder tht says bank info. But when these guys open it, it releases a worm into their computers that shuts them down. It is those guys where you get a message on your computer that you have a virus or they just call pretending to be microsoft and that they see a virus on your computer. All I can suggest is a more complicated password that is random letters, symbols, numbers and capital letters. NEVER something spelled out … If they get part of something spelled ou they can guess at the remaining letters.

Don’t forget that you have to LOG OUT of the Uber website or your page stays open until you do, even if you close it! That may be a way that hackers gain access!

What’s crazy too is the name “Michael emery” sounded super familiar to me. I remember giving a ride to someone recently and they were having a phone conversation in the backseat with someone and claimed to be what I think was that name over the phone to whoever they were talking to. I told that to the lady at the greenlight hub yesterday and she confirmed that the last person I gave a ride to on Friday was named Michael. :thinking:

Y account was hacked/deleted about 3-4 months ago… I spent hours on the phone and uploading new docs just to come and find out the previous agent accidentally deleted my account. So four years and some months into the game I’ve been reset back to zero… I currently drive just Lyft now and only go to Uber when they are above 2.5x or more.

I don’t really care anymore it is just a side thing most of the time for me now full time driver was about 3-4 years ago now to make what I did in 30hrs is like 60-70hrs now

Sounds like this could’ve ended up a lot worse than your rating dropping by .02. Yes that’s annoying and concerning, but personally I’d just move on at this point and be glad they didn’t divert money out of your direct deposit or something. Sorry this happened tho!