Has anyone get extra Pax?

Has anyone ever let an extra rider in and then later asked uber for a fare adjustmet? I believe too many riders in an uberx is one of the options in fare adjustment… if i read their terms correct in the help menu). I only noticed this option while fixing another fare adjustment so i may be dead wrong or misinterpreting.

Uber is not going to compensate you for breaking the law. You are also putting that 5th pax at risk of serious bodily injury or death for a few dollars. It doesn’t matter how short the trip is, accidents happen and they don’t even have to include another vehicle.

I would NEVER take an extra pax for any amount of money. It’s not worth it. And if someone dies in your vehicle for not having a seatbelt, you may be criminally liable under negligent homicide. Jail time is definitely not worth Uber.

If you admit to them that you broke the law with the expectation of getting paid more, it may backfire on you. Uber would be justified in deactivating you. Pax continue doing this because there are so many drivers that refuse to say NO for whatever reason they may give.

I get it. Each market is different. I went well over a year thinking that XL didn’t have enough demand so I ran mostly X until the last rate cut which pushed me to turn off X.

You have other people’s lives in your hands. In my local market a driver survived, but a pax died in a car accident that was ruled driver’s fault (driving too fast in rain). It’s been litigated for a few years now, but the pax boyfriend and mother are fighting this as much as they can.

It’s not with it! I drive xl so it’s rarely an issue for me. If they requested x and they have more than 4 I have uber change it to xl. I used to tell them they’d be charged extra, not any longer they should know better in the first place.

As soon as i agreed to the ride I 2nd thought it. Normally I tell em just get a 2nd uber or call xl… was just a perfect storm cause it took me home too, which is rare for me cause im in the boonies. I only put more thought into it when i saw it was an option to get a fare adjustment.

always demand $1,000,000 tip and sign pre-ride agreement that your attorney has done-up. unless you also drive ‘xl’, in that case ask uber to upgrade the trip.

When a passenger requests an Uber are they supposed to specify how many people will be riding? Are drivers supposed to make more money for additional passengers?

UberXL are SUVs or minivans that have 5 or more passengers and get a higher rate, but only if they have 5 or more passengers. Otherwise they get the uberX rate.

I’m an Uber X driver. If the app says pickup Mary and i get there and Mary has someone with her. Should Mary have specified she had someone with her? Or does it matter?

It only matters for uberX if it is a uberPOOL trip. Uber doesn’t allow more than 4 passengers for a pool trip, so if passenger A has 2 people, and passenger B has 2 people, uber knows not to add people to the ride.

Not true. If you order XL then you pay XL rate. Doesn’t matter if 1 or 7 for XL. I drive XL and Select only. Most of my XL requests are 2-4 adults that just don’t want to squeeze into a small car. Or people with a lot of luggage.

Rarely, people go out in groups of 6. Unless they are teenagers and they don’t use Uber. No business for XL drivers unless it is a Friday or Saturday night. XL drivers need to make money even driving at UberX rates. Better something than nothing.

I have accepted a surge X fare, then had 5 get in, then did a fare adjustment to get it to XL rates. I have an XL car. The funny thing is, it totally didn’t occur to me that 5 were getting in. The ones in back were drunk and totally annoying the whole ride.