Has anyone ever been approached by someone on the street for a trip?

I went to Walmart today to get some things for dinner and some guy just walks up to me and asks how much do I charge, and I’m like for what. He says he saw my Uber sticker and wanted to know if I would drive him to Jackson, MS…

A trip that big, I wouldn’t do it without going through the app. Security. In addition, discuss upfront cash payment for return gas.

Cops have been known to do that kind of thing since most of us don’t have the correct license to pick people up like that.

I would dispute the city law as a violation of federal law and seek to have it struck down. Cash may not be denied as legal tender for any transaction. What is the difference if you pay through the app? The law could say you have to have a license or permit to conduct business, but if you are allowed to through an app this gets fuzzy for me on the details.

I pulled up to the curb to drop my passengers and end a ride. As they were exiting, a girl on the sidewalk turned and said to me, “can I borrow you”?..lol. I said no, I can’t do that.

If i am short on gas money before pay day should i take my chances and go out i may not get any tips i am short $157 from reaching my goal this week

Had that last night. Dropped a guy off at the bar and 2 drunk chicks jump in and want me to drive them home. They tried doing it through the app but it kept pinging another uber. Luckily for me I was going offline and their house was close to my home. I just did it for free, they weren’t in a position to think their way back home and I’d rather give them a free/ safe ride home.

Unless you want to take chance of going to jail tell them to request through app. http://www.scpr.org/…/uber-lyft-drivers-nabbed-in-lapd…/

Interesting story. Raises some questions though. What if the Uber driver gave the ride for free? Would that be illegal? Also, if it is illegal for an uber driver to give a free ride to someone; wouldn’t it be illegal for a person who doesn’t drive for Uber/ Lyft to give a Good Samaritan ride to someone who needed it?

How is this more dangerous than the guy requesting a ride through the app? You take a chance every single time someone gets in your car. How is a guy that walks up and asks for a ride any different? I would tell him to request through app and if he gets me great. If not move on. Now if original post would have mentioned the guy looked shady that changes everything.

Because the guy who requests via the app is linked to a credit card. Unless he’s faking who he is, and you don’t confirm his identity, then the person getting into your car may be totally untraceable. I drove a taxi for ten years, long before cams and panic buttons and GPS tracking was installed. I know Nashville very well and I know places and people who are safe or not safe, and I know how to read people simply from the years of experience I’ve had. But even that is not a guarantee, and I rarely picked up hailers/flaggers. At least with cash paying customers you have a specific address on record. Looking shady has little to do with it. I’ve transported thousands of shady looking people who turned out to be very nice. Ted Bundy was considered handsome and charming.

There are some cities I’d definitely be more cautious in picking up strangers off the street than others, though.

Also, I’m a professionally licensed driver with an F endorsement and I currently have an OPVH permit, and I have a taxi permit as well, but since I’m not currently affiliated with a taxi company, even I’m not legal to pick up flaggers.

Another thing, doing that is a privilege for taxi drivers, and the costs of operating a taxi are far more than doing rideshare. It’s not your “jurisdiction,” so to speak. I only do Lyft now and I don’t think I have the right to disobey city ordinances.

Taxi are not the only people allowed to pick up people of the street if you have the proper transportation license and commercials insurance we can here

I don’t know where “here” is, but I was referring to HERE. Only people who can pick up hailers here are taxi drivers.

Nah, not every person creates a potential risk. I mean, if you want to think in extremes, every person you encounter at any time can create a potential risk. But… not really.

The Uber and Lyft apps are the modern way of hailing a ride.

Yes really with any and every encounter. Potential is not probable. The meeting of two strangers in any situation creates potential for risk. If you don’t think so you’re naive.

I was approached by two guys in downtown bmore Md to take them to the nearest strip club for cash lol, I told them I was off duty.