Hard To Take Uber Customer Service Seriously With This Grammar

(Haris_McMan) #1

It is kind of challenging to take uber customer service seriously when they make these small errors in grammar. What are your thoughts about it? How many stars do they get for grammar?

(Peter Dave) #2

Yeah, trying to figure out what I’m missing that may be wrong.

(Mitchel) #3

Same dumb-asses that are calculating our wages !!

(Andrew Martin) #4

You can see that little mistake in grammar but you continually cancel your accepted rides? Get your priorities in line please! If you cannot then get out and teach grammar!

(Harry) #5

Look at all these angry people. Please stop beating your kids and get some help. Your anger is disgusting and very ugly. Oh and btw. Your overuse of profanity and exclamation points proves how broke you people are. Maybe that’s why you are angry. I thought since we were saying things that have nothing to do with another I would join in. So get your priorities straight. Ok, thanks bye.

(Preet) #6

This message should pop up for riders that cancel a lot. If I had $5 for every cancellation I get after accepting the ride; I would make a lot more money.

(Steve Mann) #7

Hey, where’s the grammar mistake? I read this posting 10 times, it looks fine to me. Let’s look at it sentence by sentence:

  1. but recently you’ve cancelled a lot of trips after accepting them. [well you started the sentence in the middle, even so, it states that when a driver cancelled a lot of trips after accepting them]
  2. When riders can’t depend on a ride, they’re less likely to use Uber. [This is a second part of an if when clause, it could be written with a “than” instead of a “when”, but the syntax is sound, it states that riders will not rely on Uber when too many accepted rides are cancelled.
  3. Fewer cancellations lead to more riders, and higher earnings for you. [duh, yes, that’s understood. The more riders in the system, the more rides to be made.]
  4. If you’re unable to accept trips, you can always go offline. [Exactly, if you are too busy or feeling lazy, turn the app off and don’t worry about getting requests that you might decide to accept and then cancel.]

(Steve Mann) #8

Oh, I forgot to add, the mistake is in spelling not grammar! Cancelled is actually spelled Canceled.

(Bick Bhangoo) #9

“they’re less likely use uber”, missing “to” in this line. And yes Americans prefer canceled over cancelled.

(Steve Mann) #10

Yow, I totally missed that, in fact I write it in my answer but didn’t see it in the original. Sorry man, you are so right!!!