Hard to keep 90% acceptance when pings are coming from 15 minutes away

I almost made the 10% bonus last week, I thought I had and then found I was an hour short on the prime time. I don’t play the accept and keep riding till they cancel game, it’s just not me. I have a good rating though, over 4.9 so if they want to can me over the acceptance rate issue it’ll be their loss.

Referral bonuses are also good. I started actively using my promo codes. Each week I get $20+ in referral money from Uber+Lyft. Not very good, but better than nothing.

Another day and same thing: I had LYFT and Uber apps both running. Tips made the difference with Lyft. 5 Lyft fares netted me 1 dollar less than 9 Uber rides. Tips were the breaking point again. When presented the option, people tip. The evil is Uber, not the pax.

In a way, Lyft is offering an incentive. Use this coupon (edit in your own promo code) and you’ll get $10 every time it gets used. I have made over $200 in the past couple weeks just on these coupons alone.

I just dropped off a Uber pax. She Said she checked both Lyft and Uber for nearest car. I was the only car available for both Uber and Lyft. Lyft says I am 5 minutes away from pax and this is true. Uber says I am 2 minutes away and pax calls Uber!

Do you see how evil that is? Uber lies to pax and driver by understating the true ETA in order to facilitate the transaction.

Lyft says it as it is and loses the business.

We all hate every system when it is still in the making. Rating system ideally should help improve both the driver and rider experience. But in the abundance of drivers, it can also be used to vote some people out of the island. If drivers were not too many, low rating drivers would have been tolarated/rehabilitated and not fired.

i mean other than the tip option, im not buying that Lyft is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much different than Uber and as for better pax, people dont use both Uber and Lyft? they only choose one of the 2? from what Im reading, people seem to get tips for like 75% of their trip, true?

well i can certainly vouch that tips are rare and in between on Uber
the high talk of tips ALONE makes me want to sign up for Lyft

I totally agree with this thread! I’ve been working on my own startup to help people optimize their time in ridesharing and other on-demand apps/companies and in the last week we’ve helped 5 people increase their earnings between $300-500 a week in SF as a result of switching from Uber to Lyft. The fact you get back $$ after driving for 3o or 50 hours actually makes a HUGE difference.

Tried doing Lyft for the first time on Monday. I worked about 4 hours, did 5 rides, all of them were for Uber. I didn’t get one call for Lyft, so had to keep taking the Uber rides.

I was around 900 am -1300. Didn’t expect it to be too busy, and Lyft only showed me as being logged on for 50 minutes of that time frame. This was in Orange County. Uber was shown to be surging most of that time.

Well… Lyft is not all that great here in Boston. Way too many drivers on the road and not enough demand. Today was pretty good day with lyft but very hard to get riders majority of times.

Uber prevents tipping with lies and misrepresentations and makes it extremely inconvenient to pax to tip. Lyft tips average more than what Lyft cuts from me. End result is I get the full fare.

When you arrive in Uber, pax still us not there and often way too late. It exceeds 5 minutes almost more than half the time. With Lyft, pax is more punctual. Ride aputomatically starts after 3 minutes. Pax has incentive to move their asses and quickly as it costs them.

More Lyft riders sit in the front seat, treat you like a friend and give you better ratings.

Uber riders mostly jump to back seat and some just to the seat right behind me! This is annoying.

Overall Lyft customer base must grow and as drivers we have to fight for that. We have to intelligently encourage all riders and drivers to also use the Lyft platform.